Interview with Yvette Isaac

  • Jan. 5, 2016
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Yvette discusses how her ministry brings help to Egyptian Christians, the disabled, and the elderly.

Interview with Yvette Isaac

Joni: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a special and timely interview.

All of us are familiar with the terrible crisis in the Middle East right now. My friend from Egypt, Yvette Isaac, stopped by Joni and Friends the other day and I had a chance to ask her first-hand about her work.

Tell us Yvette, the plight of people with disabilities right now in places like Iraq and Syria, all the turmoil that is going on.

Yvette: It’s very, very difficult and it’s very hard for people without disability, how about people with disability. It’s much, much harder for older people, people with disability – the fear. Just put yourself in their shoes. They are so afraid if anything happens that would not be able to run; they would not be able to scream or not be able to be rescued. It is really, really tough and only the message of hope of Jesus Christ that gives them that stability and safety inside of them, even if anything happens they are going to be with the Lord. And we will call on the name of Jesus and Jesus will hear us.

Joni: Well, I am so grateful that through your organization, Road of Success, we are able to distribute wheelchairs to needy people with disabilities in Egypt, but what else does your ministry do to aid those people you were just talking about, the refugees who are escaping Syria and Iraq?

Yvette: We send almost every two months blankets, toys, women’s hygiene, whatever they need the churches there let us know and we send it to them. We also send them medical supplies; medical supplies is a very, very essential item that we need.

Joni: Well, when you think about these people who are traveling across the Mediterranean Sea, many of them losing their lives, and when you think of them walking these far distances through Turkey and Hungary and into Croatia, up into Europe how do you think we should pray?

Yvette: We need to pray for strength in our men that they will not deny Christ. This is number one, so even when they die they will be speaking Jesus’ name, like what happened to the Egyptians during the last seconds they were saying “Jesus” and the whole world heard about the name of Jesus through those people. That’s are number one prayer for them for the Lord to help them not to deny their faith and to see Jesus even at the last minute of their death so their faith will be encouraged and they will speak and the rest of the world will hear. The second thing is just to supply and to stand with them; to encourage them; to support them, not just with words but with deeds.

Joni: I’m so proud that you had an opportunity to meet with the families of the Egyptian martyrs who were beheaded by Isis, Egyptian workers who were over in Libya and whom Isis had captured and then killed. Thank you for speaking to the families. What is the situation with those families?

Yvette: We went and we thought we would encourage them. We left and we were encouraged so much. They have faith. You know, one mother told me they were reserving their tickets from Egypt to heaven directly. We are so proud that our sons God used them to spread the name of Jesus to every house all over the world.

Joni: And it was so great because those Egyptian martyrs were the people who were identified immediately as “the people of the cross”. Thank you, Yvette for being with us.

Yvette: Thank you.
 Friend, if you’d like to learn more about Yvette Isaac’s ministry to bring help and hope to refugees in the Middle East, please visit my radio page today at where we have provided a link to her work called Roads of Success. And join Yvette and me in praying for the many elderly and disabled people in that war-torn region of the world.

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