Where is Hope?

  • March 3, 2015
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Jesus is our Creator King, the God of all hope who encourages us when life seems hopeless and the enemy speaks lies into our minds.

Hi, this is Joni Tada and Don Moen wrote the most beautiful, hopeful song about our Creator King. Listen:

You who made the mountains and the sea
You measured out the universe and You made me
Echoes of the voice that called the worlds to be
Reaching through the ages and now speak to me
You're my Creator King
Who am I that You are mindful of me?
And who am I that You sent Your love on me?
You're my Creator King.*

 Oh, that’s a song I love to sing when I feel hope fading. And it’s why I sing it to you today. When life appears hopeless, hold on because hope is on the way. But know this: the enemy of your soul wants you to believe that hope is out of reach. He will take advantage of every dark moment and fill your mind with thoughts of hopelessness. The enemy wants to destroy your relationship with God because He knows that separation from God is the cause of all hopelessness. Satan wants to convince you that God does not care, that He is off somewhere tending to the needs of other children of His who, who, um “hold more promise” or “have more potential.” That’s a lie. It is a lie your enemy likes to tell, and He likes to whisper it in your ear because he is the father of all lies. But today remember that your true Father is the God of all hope. He is your Creator King and He has created you for the purpose of enjoying Him forever. He has created you for joy and hope. It’s coming, but you’ve got to hold on.

Friend, yours is a future of unutterable joy, unspeakable peace and inexpressible love. Hold on, dear one; you are being prepared for a world where you experience a joy that cannot be diminished, you’ll experience a happiness that cannot be interrupted, a beauty that cannot be marred, a love that cannot be fathomed. You’ll experience a life that cannot be darkened, a life that cannot die, and a world that will not end.

You know, these words are as much for me as for you today. And they were sent to me by a missionary named Paul Sugalski who ministers along the Mexican border. He listens to "Joni and Friends". The Lord placed these words I’ve shared with you today on his heart and he sent them on today hoping that I might share them with you, that they might be a blessing to you. Well, from that missionary on the Mexican border, I hope they have touched you as they have touched me, these words – so thank you, Paul, if you’re listening today. Thank you for reminding us all that our Creator King: He who made the mountains and the seas; He who measured out the universe and made you and me echoes of a voice that called the worlds to be. That voice reaches through the ages and now speaks to you and me. That’s our Creator King, the Lord Jesus Christ, the God of all hope and of all encouragement. And no one – not even the adversary himself – can take that hope away.

*Music: Creator King Words: Don Moen  Music: Mary MacLean, © 2003 Vertical Worship Songs (admin. by Integrity Music, Inc.)

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