We Are All Leaders

  • July 8, 2016
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We are leaders because by our words and conduct, we encourage others towards Godly living. 

We Are All Leaders

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and today we’re talking about leaders.

Because not everyone realizes they are a leader. Like Charlie, a young man with cerebral palsy I met the other week. I was visiting Charlie’s church and noticed two children were following him around in his wheelchair. One little boy opened a door for him with great enthusiasm; another kid was riding on the back of Charlie’s wheelchair. If Charlie dropped something on the floor, one of those boys was quick to pick it up. And if they weren’t doing something to help him, they stood back, smiling, and waiting for the next opportunity to serve this young man in his wheelchair.

After I spoke at the church, Charlie wheeled up to me to ask a question. I motioned at the two little boys sitting, and swinging their feet, and looking on from the first pew. I asked, “Are those relatives of yours?” and Charlie shook his head no. He explained they were the children of one of his neighbors, and didn’t say much more about the boys. Instead, Charlie was interested in asking me his question. He said, “Joni, I would like very much to lead Sunday school here at my church, but I feel like nobody takes me seriously. I want to lead, but I just don’t have the opportunity.” That’s when I glanced at those two little boys on the first row; I felt like Charlie already had his answer. Maybe not in a formal setting in a Sunday school classroom, but for sure, he was already leading; he was already influencing those children. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity! Charlie was already exercising his leadership skills, and he didn’t even realize it. Just think of the positive influence he was having, and could have even more, in the lives of those kids, and others. God was using Charlie to teach those boys compassion and Christian service, and so much more. I shared all that with him, and I commended him for being a good leader.

Look, friend, whether we realize it or not, all of us are leaders. All of us have someone; probably a few someone’s observing us, watching us, and learning from us. Now, like Charlie, you might think that you don’t have the platform, but trust me, you do. It may be small, or invisible, but God has put you in a position to serve as an example to someone. Or, you may think you are too young to be a leader. Well look, the apostle Paul tells young Timothy in his epistle, “Let no one despise you for your youth, but set an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and purity.” Or maybe you feel that you’ve only been called to serve, and not to lead. But Matthew chapter 20 says that whoever wishes to become great, must first serve — just as Jesus did. Or you may think, ‘I don’t have what it takes to be a leader.’ Well, look at Moses, and David, and Peter. They didn’t seem up to par, yet God chose them to lead. Get the point?

Christian, each of us is a leader whether we recognize it or not, or admit it or not, we are (by our attitudes and actions) always influencing somebody and often it’s usually a great many “somebody’s” of whom we’re not even aware. So today, I want you to walk in God’s Word, and in so doing you’ll be leading others towards godly living. And speaking of godly living, today is your last day to ask for your gift, a powerful little pamphlet called Proverbs – the biblical wisdom you will need to help you be the best example, the best leader of others. So ask for your gift today at joniandfriends.org/radio and leave a comment about leadership.

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