Trip To Ghana

  • Feb. 9, 2006
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Joni and Ken celebrate 10 years of delivering wheelchairs and Bibles to Ghana.

JONI: Well, it was exciting because there was a very special anniversary, huh Ken? 

KEN: It was a very special anniversary. Al, this was our 10th anniversary. 

JONI: Not of our wedding. 

AL: No, the wedding is about 23, if I recall correctly. 

KEN: Actually, since the beginning of our time in Ghana we have delivered 4,000 wheelchairs.

JONI: Over 10 years, can you believe that? 

AL: That's incredible. 

JONI: It is; and as many Bibles, too. 

AL: I was going to say, no wheelchair is delivered without a copy of God's word at the same time.  That's the important thing. 

JONI: And also, disability ministry training. Remember that workshop that we had? 

KEN: Al, you're right; there's no reason to take wheelchairs without sharing the gospel. 

JONI: And doing the training in the churches too. 

AL: Well, 10 years have past. What's different in Ghana? 

JONI: The streets are paved. 

KEN: Well, to give you an idea, 10 years ago when Joni landed they greeted Joni in the airport parking lot with the headlights from the cars. This time it was a completely different greeting.

JONI: Looked like a modern airport anywhere, and a little more subdued, it seemed, but great fun giving those Bibles and those wheelchairs. 

AL: Now, are they still singing that song that we recall? 

JONI: (singing) "Hiya, hiya, hiya, hiya, lift up Jesus, hiya." But this time there was a different song, huh Ken. 

KEN: I think you could probably do it much better than I can Joni. 

JONI: (singing) "We're marching in the light of God. We are marching in the light of God. We are marching, marching, we are marching, whoa, we are marching in the light of God." They were singing it everywhere. It was such fun. We had a great time.

AL: Can you pick out one or two individuals whose memory just seems to snap into your mind when you think of Ghana. 

JONI: Well, Ken, maybe you remember at the disability ministry training workshop we had at one of the village churches? There were about a hundred Africans who showed up and there was one woman, remember her, she came up to the front and gave me a drink of water. Remember that? 

KEN: Oh yes. 

JONI: And she was so grateful to give me water and when I saw the pleasure on her face of serving me, I felt so honored that here this woman from Africa, dirt-poor poverty, took pity on me. She reach out to me, she looked at me as the least of the brethren. Me, an American, and it made me feel so honored, so welcomed to her country. 

AL: How about us putting a picture of that on the website? 

JONI: Is that what you've got right there? 

AL: Well, it's a picture of a different publication, but it is a picture that I think the folks would like to see on the web site. 

JONI: We'll do it. And when she saw Ken tenderly take care of me, and give me drinks of water she wanted to do that too, so she came right up front and gave me a drink of water and, boy, I gave her the biggest hug. Africans are rich in faith. They might be the poor of this world, but they're rich in faith. 

KEN: Joni, tell Al what the lady said at the airport the last time you landed there. 

JONI: "Welcome to our country, Joni, where God is so much bigger and He's bigger because we need Him more."

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