Ten Second Rule

  • Dec. 18, 2015
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Ken describes his 10 second response to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

JONI: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada (and I’m Ken Tada) and welcome to Joni and Friends.

You know, friend listening, when my husband, Ken gets what he calls a “Holy Spirit prompting” to do something or say something on behalf of the gospel, he’ll do it!

KEN: Yep! In fact I call it “The 10 Second Rule”, Joni.

JONI: And there’s “No time like the present,” I often heard you say. So, what does this 10 second rule of yours look like?

KEN: Well, you get some prompting and rather than just wait and say ‘I’ll do it later on’, I have this idea that I do it within a 10 second period, or at least I start making the motions toward it.

JONI: You know, I’ve see you do that. Sometimes we’re talking around the house about a friend who is sick, or in the hospital and you’ll just up and get your IPhone and dial the number and give them a call.

KEN: Exactly! Or the other day when you and I were talking and you had a little pain or a little problem and I said, “Let’s take a look at that.” We did and thought it required someone to take a look at it, so I said, “You know what, I’m going to call the doctor and have him look at it.”

JONI: You know, my schedule that day was so busy, I had so many things on my desk, but because you just said it and it was your 10 second rule, I kind of submitted and yielded, and earlier this week we went to the doctor.

KEN: Absolutely! And you know one of the things we have to do is we have to remember it’s in terms of priority. I mean if it’s something that is important it gets put up higher on that 10 second priority.

JONI: And you know, a prompting to do good always comes from the Holy Spirit. You never have to doubt or wonder whether or not this prompting, this urging, this idea came from God if it was a good idea. You know, encouraging someone, or checking up on your health. If it’s good, then it came from the Lord. And you know, Ken, it reminds me so much of Mark chapter 1, verse 18 where Simon and Andrew were introduced to Jesus and it says, “At once they left their nets and followed [Jesus]”. I love that part “at once”, they did it right away. They just dropped everything and they followed through on that good prompting from the Holy Spirit.

KEN: You know, Joni, I just wonder where that prompting came in, because it’s a Holy Spirit thing when you get a prompting like that to just drop your nets and follow Jesus.

JONI: Wouldn’t that be great if we had our own 10 second rule of following Jesus at once, in this matter, right now, in this instant, in this circumstance. So, Ken, what are some ways people can use the 10 second rule? What are some things people can do – or not do?

KEN: You know, Joni, when we go to the airport one of those 10 second rules I have is I look around and I see somebody in uniform, I make sure I go up and thank them. I either thank them or I might see them over at a McDonalds and I’ll go over and just pay for their lunch or whatever it happens to be. It’s that prompting from the Holy Spirit of just going over there and doing something.

JONI: Well, you are such a good follower of the 10 second rule you’ve inspired me. I’ve made a list of people with disabilities that I keep by my telephone and whenever they come to mind, whenever I have a nudge or a prompting to connect with them, I’ll look at that list and I’ll just let my eyes lay upon it and if a name pops out I’ll call that person, or I’ll write them a note of encouragement right there on the spot or send a card of encouragement. Just do it, especially when the prompting is good, right?

KEN: Absolutely!

JONI: Too many of us brush aside the spirit’s prompting when the right, the righteous thing to do is, as Simon and Andrew did, at once follow Jesus. So today when you hear God say: “This is the way, walk ye in it” at once leave your net and follow your Savior, right Ken?

KEN: That’s pretty exciting, Joni.

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