Stop Grumbling

  • Feb. 22, 2006
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Joni shares about a time when she and friends where grumbling amongst themselves until the Word of God spoke to them.

The other day my friend, Judy, and I and my husband, Ken, were trying to make plans to have lunch after church, while at the same time arranging a hospital visit with our sick friend, and we had to also pick up a student who is presently living with my friend, Judy. It was just three little things that needed to get worked out... who would get lunch... where we would meet... who would pick up the student... and when we would arrive at the hospital. Well, I tell you what! You would have thought we were trying to figure out an evacuation plan for the next hurricane... I mean we went round and round... who should go where, who should pick up who, and the discussion quickly digressed into a rah-rah-rah... you get the lunch; no, you pick it up; no, okay you take this car; okay, we'll leave it at the hospital, how about that?  

We were not a pretty sight, the three of us. And we were getting nowhere fast, all because, well... like it says in John 6:43, "Stop grumbling among yourselves." The verse is short and sweet, but Jesus gets right to the point. The words of our Savior - especially when they are directed to us as it concerns a particular situation, "Stop grumbling among yourselves", Jesus answers. Boy, the words of the Savior are so cutting aren't they, they are so convicting. But there are no ifs, ands or buts about it... and Judy and Ken and I stopped grumbling. Because Jesus specifically told us to stop it... I mean come on just stop it! And we did. We obeyed. 

Oh, that I would always obey when God brings a convicting scripture to mind. The Bible says that the sword of the Spirit is the Word of God - this is why it's so important to ask the Spirit to not only show us what He wants us to see in His Word... you know, new things, new insights, new ideas, but it's so important to ask the Spirit to show us those scriptures that will cut-to-the-chase and get right to the point of our sin and rebellion so we can do something about it. I need to... you need to... Judy, Ken, we all need to ask the Lord to use His Word in our lives like a double-edged sword that divides and penetrates - ouch! - like a double-edged razor, showing us where we're going wrong, and then pushing us to obey.  

By the way, after Judy and Ken and I stopped grumbling... when we suddenly realized we were digressing down the wrong path, we allowed scripture to not only get us back on course, but to refresh us. It's always a wonderful feeling when you know you are obeying as you should. So that Sunday, we did lunch, we picked up our student friend, and we made it to the hospital all in good time with all of us in happy spirits. It's what happens when God speaks... people listen... and then, obey. May the Word of God dwell richly in you today... even if, at first, it "ouch!" hurts.

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