Steve Midura

  • Feb. 13, 2006
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Steve shares about how amazing it was to open up the box of encouraging notes form Joni and Friends listeners during Heart for the Disabled week.

JONI: Tomorrow is our Heart for the Disabled campaign where all the Valentine's and cards of encouragement you friends listening sent in a few weeks ago... all those cards are going to arrive in the mailboxes of some pretty wonderful special needs families all across the country. And today to let you know just how much those cards mean, I have on the line my friend Steve Midura... his wife, Kathy, and their two children. All three of them, Kathy and the two kids, have a unique kind of muscular dystrophy... and Steve, welcome today. 

STEVE: "Thank you, it's nice to be able to join you."  

JONI: Tell us what those Heart for the Disabled cards meant to you and your family when you opened up your mailbox last year...           

STEVE: It was unbelievable. My wife hadn't opened it yet and I looked at the package and I didn't know what it was and I opened it and I brought them over to my wife and I said, Look at what's in here. There's got to be at least 30 and we pulled it out and there were 30 cards all meticulously written with encouraging notes and Bible verses and one that we saw it brought us to tears. A little five year old boy from South Carolina had just come out of the hospital and put together a card by cutting out some little hearts out of paper and putting it on there and then having his mom fill in some of the words on there and the encouraging notes and some about their own family.   

JONI: Well, this is so cool because I know that Kathy, your wife, is in a wheelchair and your two daughters have the same kind of muscular dystrophy that Kathy has. This had to mean the world to them to know that so many people were praying and that this little child had hand made his own card. 

STEVE: That's right and in the world of disability there's so many discouraging things and to have a bunch of cards come in and, like I say, we eventually had like 50 cards of encouragement and just a tremendous blessing. I encourage anybody to get involved in sending these notes. It was such a blessing to us. 

JONI: Well, that's wonderful because you know sometimes when you have a disability you can tend to feel a little isolated, huh? 

STEVE: Yes, that's true. Recently that hasn't been true for me. We have had some wonderful people involved in our lives, but for a long time there were a lot of discouraging things and these notes were such a blessing at a time that, you know, is kind of depressing in the middle of winter. 

JONI: Well, Steve, I know there will be a lot of these kinds cards arriving in the homes of so many disabled people tomorrow. Would you please thank those listeners who wrote those Valentine's cards that we're mailing and will arrive in the mailboxes tomorrow. Thank them, would ya? 

STEVE: I thank you for taking the time to be a blessing to someone. There's nothing better than to receive blessings from others that care and by taking that time to do that you've been a blessing in their lives and you'll eventually, I've seen it in my own life, receive a blessing in return. Thank you so much.    

JONI: Well, friend, there you got it from the mouth of my friend, Steve Midura. Thank you for writing in all those cards of Christian encouragement for people like Steve and his family who are going to be receiving that encouragement tomorrow. And friend listening, thanks for having a heart for the disabled. Disabled people like Kathy Midura, her two kids, and, of course, my friend, Steve. Thanks, Steve! 

STEVE: Thank you, Joni!

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