Serve Wholeheartedly

  • June 22, 2011
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Joni shares that when we serve others with our focus on the Lord, we're able to draw on His energy. 

Jesus said that He came not to be served… but to serve!  

Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to "Joni and Friends" where serving is what we’re all about. We love it; we’re passionate about it. At our ministry, you show us somebody with a disability and their family and, hey, we’re on it; we’re helping; we’re out to encourage! We want to serve!

Which is why I’ve always thought it odd that for some followers of Jesus, when it comes to serving the Lord, they sigh and shuffle their feet. Nothing energizes them; nothing quite captures their vision, their imagination. They feel tired and drained, wishing someone else at church would volunteer to meet the need. To them, Christian service sounds like backbreaking work with little reward. There are those who even find service distasteful, the very people to whom they minister, a turn-off—such as teaching a rowdy group of twelve-year-olds who squirm through Sunday school. There you are dodging spitballs and thinking, “This is the sort of thing for which Christians will be rewarded? Yikes!”

Perhaps you feel teaching Sunday school to junior high school kids is the pits. Or maybe it’s not Sunday school; today you could feel like you’re manacled to a desk, with just enough slack in your chain to reach the file cabinet, the teakettle, and the washroom. Or maybe you feel chained to the kitchen sink or a vacuum cleaner, a computer, or a study carrel in the lonely back corner of a library. Office workers, Sunday school teachers, choir members, preachers or secretaries… no church worker is immune to weariness and tiresome routine. So if your witness has no warmth; if your service is lacking something, if you find no joy in practicing Christianity with its sleeves rolled up, then may I suggest you double-check to see who it is you are serving. For it is not the rowdy group of pre-teens that you are ministering to, so much as the Lord Jesus Himself. When we serve with our focus on the Lord, we are able to draw on His energy. 

No “Five Easy Steps to Serving Enthusiastically” will do the trick. Only when your focus is on the Savior are you able to put His passion into your service. He must not only be the One you serve but the One from whom you draw power. Without Him, you just can’t do it – you’re going to collapse in a weary heap. That’s why Ephesians chapter 6, verse 7 says, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men, because you know that the Lord will reward everyone for whatever good he does.” Got that? Friend, you’re able to serve wholeheartedly when you put your focus on and draw power from the Lord Jesus! And if I'm describing you, if you enjoy putting heart into your service, then, boy, do I have an opportunity for you!

This week our Family Retreats are in full swing across the nation, and we’ve got more planned for next month. But we’re short on volunteers and we really need friends like you who have a servant heart… who love being a blessing to others… people who draw strength from the Lord with every act of service. If you’d like to get an up close look at what a Family Retreat is all about, then visit me today on my radio page at – we’ve posted a video that does a great job of showing how you can make a difference in the life of a disabled child at one of our Family Retreats. Visit for all the details on signing up to serve at one of our retreats this summer. Because in our ministry we invite you to serve with all your heart… and be blessed as you do! 

Friend thanks so much for these special few minutes we have been able to share together and because this program is called Joni and Friends please note that I would love to hear from you so drop me a line on “Joni’s Corner” at or you can always contact us at P.O. Box 3333, Agoura Hills, CA 91376.  

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