Sarah and Miss Sharon

  • July 20, 2011
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Joni shares what happened when 5-year-old Sarah met Miss Sharon who just underwent surgery for breast cancer.

Sometimes kids say the most amazing things!

…and I should add, honest things, too. Like little five-year-old Sarah. Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and Sarah is the daughter of Delinda, one of our Joni and Friends team members over in Arizona. Anyway, it seems that Delinda had taken her little Sarah to the hospital to pick up her daddy after his shoulder surgery. While they were waiting in the hospital near the recovery room, an older woman was being wheeled down the hallway on a gurney. She was a little uncovered, and it was noticeable that she had a big bandage around her chest – Delinda could tell this woman had just had a mastectomy. Sarah, being the friendly girl that she is, greeted the woman in her outgoing way, and the lady, obviously out of surgery for breast cancer, was friendly right back. She even told Sarah her name: I'm Miss Sharon, she said. At that point, Sarah naturally asked her, "Well, what part of your body did you have worked on?" Delinda hoped that Sharon didn't see the shock on her face! 

But the lady seemed to handle the question just fine and replied to Sarah, "I’ve had breast cancer." And that’s when Delinda offered up that they knew someone who recently went through surgery for breast cancer. That’s when little Sarah looked at her mother with immediate recognition in her eyes, and piped up, "Miss Joni had breast cancer.” (I can’t believe this 5-year-old would remember me), but it sparked a pleasant conversation and Delinda assured Miss Sharon that she and Sarah would pray for her, just like they did for Miss Joni. Delinda proceeded to finish the paperwork for her husband’s release from the hospital, but as she did, something out of the corner caught her eye. Sarah was sitting on a chair on the other side of the room with her eyes closed and her hands folded. Delinda saw her lips moving. Sarah was praying for Miss Sharon.

I tell you, when Delinda shared this with me, it so touched my heart. I mean, there are many good things that can come from one’s battle against breast cancer, but I never realized that my experience with cancer would create such an awareness in the children of friends I work with! I know that Delinda’s family really lifted me up in prayer last year when I was going through chemotherapy… obviously, it gave this 5-year-old child a picture of reality that she could apply to this new friend. Delinda added that before they all left the hospital, Sarah went over to Miss Sharon’s curtained cubicle, leaned in and gave her a big hug. 

Don’t you just love it when a child shows no fear about things like cancer or a wheelchair or a hospital? Proverbs 25 tells us that words aptly spoken are like apples of gold. And I have some golden words today for you if you’re in a situation like Sharon’s, recovering from surgery, or dealing with an illness or a bad medical report. It’s a little booklet I’d like to send you called “Bible Promises of Hope & Courage” – just the sort of thing Delinda would have given Miss Sharon that day in the hospital. Well, you may have a hurting friend, a neighbor or a co-worker who is in need of words of hope and courage, and this beautiful booklet would be the perfect gift to give, I’m convinced. You can get your copy just by visiting my radio page today at And thank you for helping your child or your grandchild cultivate a heart of Christ-like compassion by encouraging them to pray for people with special needs – because their prayers will give them a picture of reality that they will be able to apply to anyone whose hurting. It’s a good lesson and this is Joni Eareckson Tada for Joni and Friends!

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