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  • Feb. 7, 2006
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Joni shares how children in VBS our helping to spread the Good News to disabled children around the world.

When I was in Africa last year, I loved meeting so many kids there with disabilities - their parents had carried them on their backs to our wheelchair and Bible distribution. Well, one of the best parts of the distribution for me (and I think for everyone) is when the local pastor shares the plan of salvation with each family. Now I couldn't understand the languages these pastors were speaking in, but I could understand those words "Jesus Christ."  

Well, anyway, I got to give a Gospel bracelet to a little girl named Miriam whose legs were twisted and paralyzed from polio. She was so excited, she was so honored that I would give her that bracelet. Miriam's eyes lit up, she listened - I mean really listened - when the pastor explained that the black bead on the bracelet represented our sin, and the red one, represented Jesus' blood; and the white bead stood for forgiveness... and so on. That little girl and her family I mean they were just standing there listening and that day they were reached with the love of Jesus.  

As the family left, I watched little Miriam hold her bracelet up for other African children to see, kids who were outside waiting in line.  I could tell by her smile that here was a child that knew her wheelchair wasn't a gift from just us... no, it was a gift from Jesus! 

I tell you, those Gospel bracelets we use those things are the best. And what makes it even more special is where we get them from. You see, this summer, children in Vacation Bible Schools around the country they will make these Gospel bracelets for us. They will see a video of disabled boys and girls - like that child I met in Africa - and then VBS kids will see the children who will be receiving the Gospel bracelets as well as the wheelchairs... and they will learn about their disabilities... they will learn about the countries where we are ministering in... they will pray over the disabled children... and, boy, that will really motivate them to go ahead then and make our bracelets. That's what they do... these boys and girls in VBS actually hand make each gospel bracelet. I think it's wonderful that boys and girls here in America are playing a part in our Wheels for the World outreach.  In fact I just got this letter from a pastor, pastor McDaniel from Community Fellowship Church in Queenville, Tennesee and this is what he wrote: "Our VBS held a contest, but if you ask the kids in our program who the real winners were, they will tell you 'oh, the children who will get the wheelchairs.' So I think we are all winners. Our children in VBS learn that it is more blessed to give than receive. We adults get to see our children grow in Christ and those Gospel bracelets to spread the Good News." 

Oh boy, Pastor McDaniel is right. The real winners are the disabled children like Miriam. And this is why I'm hoping even more boys and girls here in America this summer in Vacation Bible School will help us, well... make even more Gospel bracelets! Right, Al?

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