Robin Hiser III

  • Feb. 10, 2006
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Joni interviews Robin who has Down Syndrome about her love for Jesus Christ.

JONI: I love being around people who love Jesus Christ... and I think that's why I love being around my friend, Robin Hiser, so much. And I think you'll sense the love of Jesus too as you listen to Robin talk about her love for the Savior. You really do love Jesus don't you Robin?

ROBIN: Yes, I do.

JONI: Now you came to know him at the age of 15, right?            

ROBIN: Yes.            

JONI: And what do you most enjoy about Jesus?  

ROBIN: I don't know exactly, there are so many other things I can think of.            

JONI: I like the fact that he saved me from my sin. Right?  

ROBIN: Yes. 

JONI: That's pretty cool. And I love the fact that it's fun to worship him.  

ROBIN: Yes, that's my favorite thing of all.  

JONI: Now, when you worship Jesus, what do you do? What's your favorite part about worshipping Him? 

ROBIN: There's all kinds of worshipping: speaking, singing, acting out. 

JONI: Right! And you know I have seen you enjoy praying. I know that that's something you enjoy doing. You may have Down Syndrome, but you enjoy praying. Do you have a favorite prayer story for us?  

ROBIN: Oh, yes, I do. This is really interesting. One day I went with Sib Chowers to this banquet. 

JONI: Now I should say that Sib helps lead our giant Eastern Pennylvania ministry, so go ahead

ROBIN: What happened was he asked me to pray over the books, and would you believe this man, I don't know his name, came over and looked at the book and I was doing something beside it and he said “What kind of book do you prefer for me?” and I said, well, what about this one? And I said Heaven, Your Real Home by Joni.  

JONI: Oh, I love that book, that's a book I wrote on heaven. Is that the one you suggested to him? 

ROBIN: Yes, I did. And he said “You tell me why I should pick it out and buy it.” And I said, “Well, to be honest with you, I had something on my mind all week long,” and I said, “because of this book, I decided to do something which I never did and that was I planned my funeral because of this book.”  He said to me “You mean to tell me that you did that?” and I said, “Yes I did.” He said, “I'll buy three of them.”

JONI: Well I'd buy 15 of them. My goodness, what will be special about your funeral. What one thing do you think will be most special about your memorial service, Robin?  

ROBIN: Well, whatever it is, I really don't know, but I'm hoping it will be an open mic. Anybody who wants to come and speak, that's fine. But most of it is going to be joyful, not crying, but anybody can sing or talk or anything. It's an open mic.  

JONI: Well, you know what, when I think about when I will go home to be with the Lord Jesus, I get excited about the same thing. I want people to celebrate my home going, because I'll have a new, glorified body and I'll be dancing for the first time with Jesus. That's going to be so fun. And you'll have a new glorified mind. No more Down Syndrome, huh?  

ROBIN: And besides, that, I'll be tall and beautiful and I'll have a voice. 

JONI: Yes, well you have a good voice now, Robin. God bless you and thank you for talking about the things that mean the most to you about knowing Jesus - worshipping, praying over books, or whatever, and pressing on to the high calling of knowing Christ Jesus, your Lord, which is a calling that leads us heavenward, right?

ROBIN: Right!   

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