Prayer for Single Moms

  • July 12, 2017
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Single mothers of special-needs children have many daily challenges with little reprieve, and they need our prayers.

Prayer for Single Moms

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a special prayer request. 

Right now, our Family Retreats are in full swing across the country with lots of other Family Retreats being held in Ukraine, Romania, Thailand, Cuba Peru, China. But no matter where we hold Family Retreats, one thing’s for certain: there will be many single mothers attending with their disabled children and siblings. I’m thinking today of Ellen who lives in the Northeast. Ellen is a single mother who’s raising her daughter Anna, who has Down syndrome, and she’s raising a son, who has some social limitations. Life is not easy for Ellen. She’s on limited income and she tries her best to make their house trailer a true home. It’s small. It’s a little cramped, but given that it’s out in the country, there are lots of places for Anna to play. Trouble is, friends you can play with live few and far between in such a rural area. It’s why Anna has been longing for Family Retreat where she's made so many friends. And Ellen and her son feel the same. Family Retreat is a place where they’re accepted, and embraced, and loved. It’s also a place where Ellen can connect with other single mothers of disabled children, and that is such a blessing!

When Joni and Friends started Family Retreats over 25 years ago, we never had that many single mothers attend. It was always husbands and wives and their disabled children—not many single parents. But that is changed as the years have gone by. Nowadays, we see lots of singles and virtually all of them are single mothers. Just where are the fathers? Why have they left their wives and children? Well, perhaps it is the times we live in, or our culture, or the harried, hurried pace of life. Mostly, I think it’s because of the overriding demands that a child’s disability requires of a parent. And boy do I applaud the dads who hang in there. I applaud the fathers who, when they come home from work, take over the challenges of helping their disabled child so their wife can have a break. Even on weekends, it’s a tag team of constantly sharing responsibilities between husbands and wives. I remember talking to the parents of three boys with autism at Family Retreat, and when I asked the Dad what he liked most about Family Retreat, he simply replied, “Oh, my goodness, I get to take a nap. I get time to myself.” I shook my head, I understood what he meant.

But fathers like that dad are rare these days. So if you know of a dad who is honoring his commitment to his family, despite the disability, affirm him. God bless him! But please, let’s today remember the single mothers. Mothers like Ellen whose husbands are out of the picture. Would you please pray for them? This summer at Family Retreats, we will be serving scores of single mothers of disabled children, and they need prayer. Exactly how can you pray? Well, today I've posted a video about Ellen and her little family. You get to meet her and Anna and Anna’s brother. You’ll see how they live, and you will also see what a difference Family Retreat is making in their life. So please, to learn how you can pray specifically, visit and see firsthand the challenges that single mothers face. And if you know of a single mom of a disabled kid, then tell them about our Family Retreat. And don’t forget to watch this deeply moving video of Ellen, a single mother who is doing her best to make a good life for her children. Find out more about it by visiting Thanks for listening today on Joni and Friends.

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