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  • Oct. 17, 2017
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Death is an enemy, but it will ultimately be destroyed when Christ returns.


Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a story that’s sweet, but a little sad.

Hummingbirds are a favorite at our house, and we have two feeders in the backyard that Ken keeps constantly filled with sugar water. And these tiny birds are so cute. Ken has really grown to love our backyard batch of hummingbirds. Well, the other day when my girlfriend left our house and went to her car parked across the street, she spotted an injured hummingbird on the pavement by her driver’s door. It was a hot day, and this poor little thing was fluttering and trying to fly. It looked like a baby hummingbird, like its wing was broken. So she called Ken, and he ran out, gently cupped it in his hands, and took it to our back patio. Through the glass door, my secretary Francie and I watched as Ken set it down, and put a lid of sugar water on the patio to try to get the bird to drink. But that tiny bird kept hopping around and making little chirping noises, as though he were crying and calling for help. That got the attention of several other hummingbirds who kept buzzing close and then darting away. They knew something was wrong.

So Francie and I quickly went on-line and we found a wildlife refuge center located not far from our home. We were so excited because the website said they took injured foxes, raccoons, and hummingbirds! We quickly dialed the number and the lady on the other end said to gently feed the little bird sugar water from an eye dropper; on such a hot day, that bird had to be thirsty. About this time, nearly an hour had passed. And when Ken finally found something to give the little bird some water, he held it in his hand and moved the water close to the bird’s tiny beak. It looked like he was swallowing water, and he was doing it fast, too. But then, all of a sudden, the tiny thing closed its eyes and went limp in Ken’s hand. My husband looked up at us through the window with doleful eyes, and he said, “He’s dead.”

Francie and I were stunned. I called through the window, “Ken, are you sure?” He nodded yes. Right then, I have to admit, my eyes got a little wet. And I could tell that Ken was troubled by the whole affair, as well. All three of us were shocked. This little bird was so helpless, and we had such hopes he would live.

Now, this was only one little hummingbird. Just a bird. Thousands of birds drop dead every day. Why were we so saddened and hurt? Why the tears? Well, for one thing, any time you invest yourself to make something, even someone better, it’ll involve your emotions. Especially if you are a follower of the Creator who makes life. But most of all, I’m convinced we were shocked because he died. There is something terribly wrong about death. It’s revolting; it’s not right. It’s not what God originally intended. And whenever it happens, something within us cries “No!” That’s not the way it’s supposed to be!

And aren’t you glad for First Corinthians Chapter 15, verse 26 where God's Word says, “And the last enemy to be destroyed is death.” Right there you have it: death is an enemy. It goes against the order of God's creation. Death may be natural in the realm of nature but death is not natural in God’s realm. Romans Chapter 8 says that the whole creation groans just as we groan, until that wonderful Day when everything will be completely redeemed, and death, destroyed! That’s something to comfort your heart because that wonderful Day is coming real soon.

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