Nick Vujicic's New Book

  • Nov. 18, 2014
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Joni’s friend Nick Vujicic shares the story of how he met his wife and began courtship with disability.

Nick Vujicic's New Book

Joni: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada where today we are celebrating “Love without Limits”. And that’s the new title of a book by my friend Nick Vujicic. You might remember that I did an interview with Nick last month. Nick is the Australian man who was born with a rare genetic disorder, without arms and legs, and yet God has chosen the weak things of this world to shame the strong. And what an incredible global ministry God has given this young man. But Nick, you have a wife, Kanae, and a young son Kiyoshi Welcome to the studio today where you are going to talk about “Love Without Limits”, right?

Nick: Well, let me tell you, you and Ken have inspired so many with your marriage and your commitment to seeing more people touched by the grace of God because of Jesus Christ. And I just want to say ‘thank you’ for being such an amazing role model, you and Ken, to millions of people out there. We love you so much.

Joni: Thank you very much for sharing that. You gotta tell us, where did you meet Kanae? Where was that?

Nick: It was love at first sight at a speaking engagement – believe it or not – so nine years ago I moved to Southern California from Australia, and nine years ago she moved from Mexico to Texas. Our speaking engagement happened to be in Dallas and that is where we met. Her former boss wanted to hook me up with my wife’s sister, and so that was an interesting sort of thing to find out later that at that time that I met my wife, she was with someone else, and her boss was trying to hook me up with her sister. It was an interesting, if you will, romantic comedy with a twist, but by the grace of God six months after we met we started courting and it was just one of the greatest seasons of my life to see really the woman of God that I have been praying for all my life.

Joni: Oh, and I remember reading that you said to her ‘I may not be able to hold you with hands, but I can hold you with my heart’. Wow! And I saw wedding photographs on your Facebook page of your wedding day and your first dance together – you have to describe that!

Nick: I mean it was just amazing. We really didn’t practice at all. We did a couple of different moves where she was on the back of my wheelchair for a second and we did a couple of 360’s and then she just put her hands behind my back, and I was worried her dress was going to get caught up in my wheels, right? But it was as if all of heaven was watching and smiling and she is the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. In this book, we don’t count ourselves as experts in any way, shape or form of marriage, but we just felt to share our experiences the years prior to marriage, the little crushes or relationships we did have before, because everyone is always wondering; Does God have that one for me? What happens when a relationship falls apart? We all go through something like that times and we just want to encourage, especially the next generation, to have a godly courtship and to trust Him every step of the way.

Joni: Any advice you would give to newlyweds who are listening who are struggling with their spouse not meeting their expectations?

Nick: When each of you thinks that you are putting in 75% of the hard work then that’s just about right. How’s that? Did you get that?

Joni: Not 100%, huh?

Nick: Well, you might think that you do 100%, but I love how God completes you with one of His children. It’s amazing! Just what I thought I was weak in, she was strong in; what she thought she was weak in, she found me strong in. So how God puts people together – He is the ultimate matchmaker, isn’t He?

Joni: Absolutely! And your new book “Love Without Limits” is out this week in bookstores. People can visit to find out more about that. Nick, thank you for sharing and blessing on your marriage. I know the book will have a great impact among many newlyweds and couples who are dealing with a disability.

Friend listening, if you would like more information on Nick’s new book, “Love Without Limits”, we have a link on our radio page to their organization. So, come by our radio page at      


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