The New Year

  • Jan. 2, 2012
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Joni shares a poem by Martha Snell Nicholson as the new year begins.

Happy New Year from all of us at “Joni and Friends!” And to start the year off, sing with me… Amazing Grace, how sweet that sound That saved a wretch like me, I once was lost, but now I’m found, Was blind but now I see.

Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to 2012 – another year to celebrate God's amazing grace, another year to serve Jesus, to live this adventure called the Christian life (and it really is an adventure, isn’t it?) Another year to grow in the Lord; another year of holding fast to the hand of our Savior as we head out together into the months ahead.

And speaking of holding the hand of God, one of my favorite poets, Martha Snell Nicholson, wrote very eloquently about this. She said,

“Dear Lord, as this New Year is born I give it to Thy hand, Content to walk by faith what paths I cannot understand. Whatever coming days may bring Of bitter loss, or gain, Or every crown of happiness; Should sorrow come, or pain, Or, Lord, if all unknown to me Thine angel hovers near To bear me to that farther shore Before another year, It matters not—my hand in Thine, Thy light upon my face, Thy boundless strength when I am weak, Thy love and saving grace! I only ask, loose not my hand, Grip fast my soul, and be My guiding light upon the path Till, blind no more, I see!”

Oh, friend, that’s a great poem, isn’t it to clip to the front of your desk planner or put in your Bible? And it’s a great poem to memorize, too. Oh, may the hand of God grip our souls and not let us go; may His light guide us on the path ahead! And one way to make sure that the Word of God lights your path and remains a lamp to your feet all throughout this New Year…a way to make sure of that is to join me and my husband, Ken, in reading through the Bible this year – we’ve got a chronological reading schedule posted on my radio page at Joni and Friends for you to download and print out. And I asked the team here at Joni and Friends if we could still offer our Bible overview for another week – the beginning of every January should be a chance to dive back into God's Word with fresh energy, and this little booklet is so handy to tuck in the front of your Bible and have it for ready reference – it covers all the books of the Bible and who wrote them when and what the key themes and verses are. Great resource for your Bible reading in 2012. 

Like Martha Snell Nicholson’s poem goes, who knows what this year will hold?! But we know who holds us, right?! I’m leaning harder on the grace of God than ever before. And for all the many unknowns in the months to come, Isaiah chapter 7, verse 9 says, “If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.” I know that with me you will want to stand firm on the Word of God, so join me in making God’s Word a sure and steady anchor for your soul in the months ahead… there will be some challenges up ahead. And please, do let me send you our Bible overview for you to use in your Bible reading schedule for 2012. 

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