Mustard Seeds

  • Nov. 17, 2006
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Joni shares about when she visited Bethany near Jerusalem and bought mustard seeds from a vendor.

AL: What with so much turmoil in the world, I know that all of us have been closely following not only the news, but that directive from God's Word which tells us to "pray for the peace of Jerusalem." 

JONI: You know, Al, Ken and I are about three-quarters of the way into our reading through the Bible in a year, and we have been going through the psalms every night.

AL: It's a little like reading the headlines in the news, isn't it?

JONI: Exactly. Plus, all these tensions in the Middle East have prompted us to reflect on our trip to Israel some years ago. I am so glad that I had a chance to go there. 

AL: Any favorite places you visited?

JONI: Well, one day we took a drive beyond the city of Jerusalem. Three miles later, down the back side of the Mount of Olives, we entered the village of Bethany. It was this little white-washed town that hadn't changed since the days of Lazarus, Mary and Martha. While I waited in the van, my friend Bunny spotted an old, bearded Arab sitting beside a roadside table, Ken was off exploring. She said, "I'm going to go see what that man is selling." Moments later she returned holding out her hand to show me that he had given her pea-sized brown dried seeds. "Joni, would you look at these?! They're mustard seeds! If we have faith the size of one of these..." she said, picking one up, "we can move mountains."

At that point I gave her a frown because I thought the seeds looked kind of big. "I thought the mustard seed was the smallest of all seeds." Bunny told me she said the same thing to the Arab vendor. "Let me show you what he did," she said. She then cracked one of the seeds open and gently spread its contents across her palm. Bunny cupped her hands so the breeze would not disturb the infinitesimally tiny black specks, mustard seeds. The pea-sized pod contained thousands of breathlessly small seeds. My friend dusted off her hand and sealed the package of pods and decided that as we went on our journey throughout Israel we would pray and scatter those seeds on the trip!

AL: And I bet you all did just that.

JONI: And, I think our prayers are needed today, aren't they? Oh, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem... for the nations of the world to see Christ as King. Every day, short, faint prayers like mustard seeds. 

Friend, God's sovereign time table over the nation of Israel is ticking off right on schedule, and He is inviting us today to participate in the moving forward of His will throughout the Middle East and He's asked us to join Him with our prayers. So, today, would you please scatter mustard-seed size prayers over the Holy Land. It's one way you can pray for the peace of Jerusalem, no matter how faint, or how small your intercessions!

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