The Lord Is Your Helper

  • Nov. 10, 2006
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Joni shares how she often uses a similar prayer to one in Luke 4 while on Wheels for the World trips when it is hard to know what to pray for: "Lord, please help her".

Our Wheels for the World team is heading out to Cuba this weekend and if it is anything like Ken and I experienced when we traveled to Cuba with wheelchairs and Bibles not long ago, well... it's going to be hard. Because we met so many children with really severe disabilities... and many parents simply brought their children to see if we could help them in some way – you know, give help beyond just a wheelchair. Sometimes you wish you could make it all better, take away the spina bifida, take away the severe brain injury - these parents were grieving so... with very little medical support. Sometimes you don't know how to pray, and so you go to God and say, "Oh, Lord Jesus, help her... just help this person."

It reminds me of the scene in Luke 4 where Jesus went to the home of Simon. His mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and – now here's the part – they asked Jesus to help her. Picture that. Simon and his friends didn't know what to say, they didn't know what to ask for. They simply asked Jesus to help her. No fanfare, no digging deep into the matter, no extended discussions and wondering if it was the will of God or not. Jesus was under their roof and they knew he had the power to help a sick woman. And he did.

Often when people in our ministry meet others with very severe disabilities in countries where there's little medical care, sometimes it breaks your heart and it's hard to know what or how to pray. Ken and I have felt that way lately. For several months, we have been praying nightly for a list of friends who have cancer. Some of the cases are pretty extensive, others look kind of hopeful. Through it all, our friends are struggling through pain and disappointment. Often Ken and I don't know how to pray, but we can't go wrong following the lead of Luke 4:38, "Lord, help her." It's simple, it's to-the-point, it's direct, it's sincere. Jesus is under the roof in the homes of our friends and we don't have to dig deep into the matter or question God's will. 

There's something else I like about that simple prayer, "Lord, help her." It sums up our bewilderment. It describes how we've come to the end of our understanding and that we have nowhere or no one else to whom we can turn. To pray, "Oh, Lord, please just help her" is to have your focus on Jesus. Whether it's healing in the here and now, or hope for the hereafter, there's one thing utterly true of the Lord... like it says in Deuteronomy 33, "... He is your shield and helper..."

That's what we will be praying for as our team goes out and ministers among the mothers and fathers and the kids with disabilities in Cuba – kids who have really profound disabilities – that's the way we'll be praying as our Wheels team heads to Cuba this weekend. And, friend, if you've come to the end of your understanding, if you have nowhere else to turn, I will pray the same for you right now... Lord Jesus, to my friend who is listening, be the shield and helper... so be it... today!


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