Little Things in the Bible

  • Dec. 9, 2016
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Join Joni and Ken as they read through the Bible in 2017 and discover great insights through seemingly insignificant stories.

Little Things in the Bible

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Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with little lessons from our big Bibles.

It’s December, and that means that Ken Tada and I are getting ready to read through the Bible next year, and as we have done in years past, we’re doing it chronologically. And we love it: this will be our 10th year. We always learn something new, something fresh and usually those little lessons come from (what seem to be) the most insignificant parts of the Bible. Like this past year during our through the Bible reading, we stumbled across Shamgar. Remember him? If you don’t, not to worry, I think there are only two verses about him. But Judges, chapter 3 says that Shamgar singlehandedly struck down 600 Philistines with an ox goad. Not a sword, not a spear, not an AK-47, but an ox goad; that is, the jawbone of an ox, basically, a big stick. Think about that: This man alone beat down 600 soldiers with a stick, and in so doing, he saved the nation of Israel — an entire nation! Oh my goodness, unbelievable!

So why does the Bible take time in the span of two little verses to even mention Shamgar and his incredible accomplishments? Because it’s a great lesson in God's ability to do the incredible, almost unbelievable things, through just one believer. It’s the power of one when God is on your side, giving grace upon grace for every need. That is a great lesson, and it’s why God did not overlook Shamgar when his prophets penned his holy writ; he wants you and me to be a Shamgar, because regardless of your limitations or how big the challenge, God can do great things through you, one person. You.

Now, in reading through the Bible in a year, we could zip right through those little verses, considering Shamgar as nothing more than a small side note in the Bible. But it’s why before Ken and I read, we always, always ask the Holy Spirit to open our eyes and show us something fresh. We just don’t want to read the same 66 books of the Bible, year after year, and not anticipate anything new. There are layers and layers to the word of God, and insights small and great that are waiting to be revealed; truth that is waiting to get taught. So before we read, we always ask the Holy Spirit to be our guide, to show us the sights, to introduce us to people we may have passed by before. That’s how we met Shamgar.

And Ken and I invite you to join us in 2017 as we begin reading through the Bible again. We start on January 1st in the book of Genesis, and over the weeks and months we get a real sense of the flow of biblical history, the story of God’s great redemptive plan. Actually, everything’s pretty perfect the first 3 chapters of Genesis, and then, it all falls apart with Adam and Eve and that snake. And the rest of the Bible, it’s pretty much all about God restoring and redeeming fallen human beings. And oh, what a story it is, because it’s our story.

So please join Ken and me. All you have to do is download your reading schedule where I posted it today on We are reading chronologically through the Bible in 2017, and you, Lord willing, will be doing it with us; plus I will also send you monthly updates by email. Oh, and by the way, while you are on my radio page, ask for your free copy of our Bible Overview pamphlet, a great resource you’ll want to have handy as you read with us. Again, get your reading schedule for 2017, and your Bible overview pamphlet, it’s all there for you at Let’s get reading!

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