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  • Nov. 29, 2006
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Joni compares playing sports to living life and reveals the importance of keeping your head in the right place.

My husband, Ken, is a real athlete. I love to watch him play tennis, racquet ball; I love to watch him swim and he's never been good at golf, but he's great at most sports. He does things right. He does things by the book. He's trained well and it shows. 

When it comes to sports, my husband has, as he puts it, his head on straight. He insists that when your head is in the right position, everything else falls in place. He says that that principle is true for running, for diving, for all sorts of sports. Let me explain. Ken says that part of the success behind his great tennis game is the way he positions his head. Volleying the ball back and forth over the net, squaring your shoulders, keeping your eye on the ball, head straight, makes all the difference. When Ken is serving, he makes certain to always look up, in golf, you keep your head down. And when Ken plays softball, he turns his head squarely toward the pitcher. When he dives off a diving board, the position of his head means everything if you want to enter the water just right.

Looking up, looking down, looking sideways, looking straight on. When you have your head right, your body will follow. And Friend, what is true in sports is true in life. It's a fact. It's even scriptural. Luke 21:28 says, "Stand up and [get this] lift up your head because your redemption is drawing near." I love that advice. Look up! It's great form for the Christian walk. It's great training for godly living. When you lift up your head, everything else will fall into order: your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings and your heart and will. 

In these days when it's so easy to get distracted, so easy to get careless, to feel our heart grow cold or our spirit grow dry or our soul grow numb; in these days we have to remember the advice of that verse. In fact, listen to the entire scripture. It says, "On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity... men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world... when these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads because your redemption is drawing near." 

I think you'd agree that life is not a sporting event. It's not a game of tennis or racquet ball. Truth is, life requires far more discipline and training than learning how to do a dive off the 3 meter board or hit a ball over a net or sink a basket in the hoop. These are challenging days we live in, days of terror, so faint not, it's no time to be looking down or sideways. It's time to lift up your head. See?  Jesus is coming. The time is drawing near. So square your shoulders, fix your eyes on the Jesus... and you can't help but win.

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