Jubin Interview #1

  • Nov. 26, 2015
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Jubin has a heart to minister to disabled people in India, her home country.

Jubin Interview #1

JONI: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with my friend Jubin Vargas from India.

Jubin welcome to "Joni and Friends".

JUBIN: Thank you.

JONI: I think our listeners can tell that you have an accent being born in India, but what they do not know, is that you have a sincere heart to serve children with disabilities in your home country. And I'm grateful that Joni and Friends is helping to train and equip you to expand your ministry among the disabled in India. Jubin, probably many of our listeners have never visited India. What is it like have a disability in your country?

JUBIN: I guess I’ll start with a story. We are part of a group that works in the communities so we visit the communities often. We are there in and out; we are into people’s homes. We are welcomed. We have community meetings. We have community volunteers in whose homes we have these meetings. So when we started working with disability we realized that one of our community volunteers we had known for five years had a child with disability in her home and we never knew it. We had been to her house; we had meetings in her house, but never knew there was a child there.

JONI: Where was that child?

JUBIN: There was one room that is separate, so it is dark, and the door was always shut, so we thought it was a storeroom or something, but that is where her child would be.

JONI: Do you think that most children with disabilities live like that in India? 

JUBIN: A lot of them do because disabilities are associated with punishment of sins and why would you want to show your child out into the public because it is a display of shame. Why would you want to display your shame?

JONI: Well, thankfully you are bringing the light of Jesus Christ into many communities in India. Under the Hindu religion how are people with disabilities viewed?

JUBIN: Disability is connected to karma, so if you have done bad deeds in your past life that’s the reason you have disability in this life.

JONI: And that’s why there is so much shame?

JUBIN: Yes, and that’s why not too much is done directly to help them, because the idea is if they go through suffering through this life it helps them earn good karma for the next life.

JONI: So how do you explain the gospel perspective on suffering?

JUBIN: That is the most beautiful thing about it because their religion offers no hope, there is only punishment and you are trying to earn good rewards. But when the gospel steps in, you are talking to the shame that they face, the sins and the result of the sins that they are bearing up as they think about it, and it talks about hope that God has created each person in His image, that they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Oh, the joy that brings into the children’s lives and families life when they hear it.

JONI: Wonderful! Well, what I think is awesome is that you have taken our on-line “Beyond Suffering” course and you have been certified and you have come and participated in our Global Access Conference. Also, Jubin, you worked with our ministry to organize a big disability conference in India. Tell us about that quickly.

JUBIN: So the conference was as a result of a couple of us Christian workers in disability who were not quite able to answer questions, and we wanted to support each other and so we brought churches and families with disabilities, (JONI: How many people attended that conference?) about 500 people.

JONI: Amazing! Well, Jubin, thank you for being a part of the organizing team that put on that conference. And although you are single, it is so wonderful to see you have such a heart for Jesus and to make his love known among those who need Him most.

I’ve posted a photo of Jubin and me on my radio page today, so friend listening, please come and see it at joniandfriends.org. Again Jubin thank you.

JUBIN: Thank you for this opportunity, Joni.

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