Jesus Is So...Personal

  • Feb. 24, 2006
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Joni shares how Jesus' miracles were done in an approachable, loving and tender way.

If I had lived in Old Testament times, seeing first-hand one of God's miracles, I think it would have blown me away. I mean all those larger-than-life things like parting the Red Sea, making the sun stand still, raining frogs from heaven. I mean those are grand scale miracles. Those are things of epic proportions. 

But in contrast look at the New Testament. Look at the way Jesus does things. It seems that New Testament miracles were a little more in line with the limitations the Lord even put on Himself. And those miracles were more in line with the understanding of the people around Him too I think. Because instead of parting rivers and raining frogs, and turning streams to blood, Christ's miracles got their makings from dirt and spit for a blind man's eyes. A brown bag lunch of fish and bread kick-started another miracle when Jesus fed the 5,000 with a little boy's lunch. Water in jugs was turned into wine - small stuff, simple stuff.

This is the point I'm trying to make: Jesus stayed within the bounds. Although He was God in every sense of the word, He did things in a wonderfully divine, but oh so human, way. He did miracles in a flat and factual, everyday, reasonable sort of way so as to touch our hearts and minds, and not blow them away to smithereens. 

For instance, in Luke 4:37, it says that everybody from the surrounding countryside brought sick people to see Jesus. Now He could have grouped everybody all together as "the diseased" and made them sit there, and then maybe he could have told the blind people to sit over there. Then He could have gathered all the deaf people, "Ok, you go over there." And then with high drama, He could have waved His hand over the crowd and proclaimed, "Be healed!" And everybody would have been healed.  

But Jesus didn't do it like that. No, miracles of epic proportions, larger-than-life, grand-scale. Instead He laid hands on individuals, each one who was sick and He healed them one by one.  I love it that Jesus did divine, miraculous things in a very loving, tender and human way.  

            That's what I find so amazing about Him.  The fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Him, but He didn't make high drama of it. He glorified the Father, but not in a showy way. Unlike the unapproachable smoke and fire of the Old Testament Mt. Sinai, Jesus makes Himself oh so approachable through the love and tears of the New Testament Mt. Calvary. Ever so tender. Ever so human. 

That's the kind of miracle God wants to do in your life today. Probably not the grand-scale kind, but a smaller sort, but just as significant, just as personal, and just as powerful.  

So ask Him to do something in your heart today, something wonderfully divine, but, oh, so human. Because that's the way of the love of the Savior. 

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