Jesus Loves the Little Children

  • Feb. 20, 2013
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We see it throughout the Bible: Jesus loves children. So if you have or know a child with a disability, remember, Jesus especially loves children affected by disabilities.

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You know, just a casual glance through the gospels will convince anyone of how much Jesus loves children. When He said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me,” I’m certain He didn’t utter those words in a pious, lofty way. Rather, I can easily imagine Jesus bouncing little boys on His knee, tousling their hair, kicking a ball with them or maybe even wrestling or tickling them. It’s not hard to picture Jesus commending a little girl on her manners, or telling another how pretty her smile is. These images, I think, hit the mark — after all, why would children be so drawn to Him?

If this shows Christ's compassion for children who were strong and healthy, oh, how His heart must have been moved when He saw a child with a disability! Of course, we know that Jesus healed many children, but there were many more that never experienced release and relief from polio or blindness, epilepsy or paralysis. Yes, Jesus loves the little children, but especially children who are dealing with a serious disability.

Now if you are a mother of a disabled child, this should encourage you. Or if you’re a dad or a Sunday school teacher or a grandparent … It’s very reassuring that the Lord holds a special affection for kids who are terminally ill, dealing with cancer, or wrestling with a permanent disabling condition, because although kids are resilient, they still can get hit hard with discouragement from an injury or an illness. Even kids with disabilities can teeter on the edge of despair. But remember, we wrestle not against the flesh and blood of polio or cancer or cystic fibrosis or muscular dystrophy: we wrestle against powers and principalities that would relish nothing more than to keep a disabled child feeling down and discouraged.

That’s why it’s so critical that moms and dads, Sunday school teachers and grandparents and neighbors all pray for that special needs child. Prayer is what softens and conditions the heart of a disabled little boy or girl. So when you pray, let the Lord know that you want to touch the lives of kids with disabilities in the very same way He blessed children when they came to Him. Because when you pray this way, God will see you are attaching great importance to your request. And He will move; He will act. He will reach out and that little boy with braces or that girl with her hearing aids will never be the same.

Now, I just know that you are aware of some child with a disability — maybe in your neighborhood, or in your apartment building, perhaps at church. Or maybe there’s a special needs child in your own family. And you can give them the touch of Jesus, His welcoming embrace. You can bless them, just as He once did, by telling their mom and dad about our Family Retreat season coming up soon. All you have to do is point them to my radio page at because I’ve posted a great video on the story of Jasmine and her little brother, Joey, who has spina bifida. It really shows how Family Retreat touched their lives. And if you need details about where we’ll be holding our 25 Family Retreats across the US this coming season, then just click on “Upcoming Events” on our home page. And hey, if you really like that video of Jasmine and Joey, then share it with your Facebook friends. It really is that inspirational. After all, Jesus does love all the children — especially kids with disabilities.

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