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  • Dec. 17, 2014
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Nick Vujicic may be missing all four limbs, but that doesn't stop him from spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

JONI: Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and everyone needs a role model of inspiration.

And my role model is a young man, much younger than me. His name is Nick Vujicic and I’m sure you have heard this remarkable guy from Australia. He was born with a rare genetic disorder which allowed for his limbs not to develop. Nick Vujicic has no arms and he had no legs, but is has a wife and a son and a global ministry. This guy is an international evangelist par excellence.

Nick, welcome to the program.

NICK: Joni, you’re my role model and I love you. Thank you so much for having me here.

JONI: Well, I just mentioned that you have a global outreach and sometimes I think you are almost more well known overseas than you are here in the United States.

NICK: That could be as a fact, especially in Asia and Latin America and by the grace of God, last year in 2013 He opened up doors for me to speak in 26 countries, but Joni you what it is to be worldwide. I mean Joni and Friends is everywhere; we see the fingerprints of God everywhere, especially through the disability ministry joint efforts that we have done together.

JONI: Absolutely! And often we have gone in with various programs whether it’s international family retreats or wheelchair delivery outreaches after you have been in a major city in a developing nation, but you go places even we don’t go, like Viet Nam. Unbelievable! Tell us what happened in Viet Nam.

NICK: Oh, wow! Well, Viet Nam obviously is a country that not lot of evangelists are allowed to really go on TV and talk about faith-based things, but God opened up some incredible doors and we are just very, very thankful that Life Without Limbs ministry has now preached the gospel in 54 countries to roughly 500 million people on TV. We are very, very thankful though for the many people who pray for us and the troops on the ground, but Joni I want to say that I want your listeners to know that you are one of the first, to me, catalysts of inspirational Christian evangelists. You’re an evangelist to me and an inspiration to me and without your support we couldn’t be where we are at. So I thank you.

JONI: Well, you are kind to say that, Nick, but you know when I watch the videos, when I see the global ministry that you have. When I see these crowds in places like Columbia, South America; and Southeast Asia to me you are paving the way for an incredible event about to break on heaven’s horizon.

NICK: From my point of view, Joni, I feel like we are all just watching God open the curtains too. To me, you know we have all heard the words “the last days”; to me I believe a stage is being set and He has used you; He has used your life; He has used the ministry He has given you as with millions of other ministers around the world, but I do believe when you look at the Bible you see that Jesus is coming back when all human beings on the planet have heard about the gospel of Jesus Christ and therefore then choose to believe what God says or not. To me when we have ministries where in a 17-week world tour by this little guy, with no arms or legs, by the grace of God preaching the gospel to 400 million people – planning next year to reach another 400 million – it really just excites me to know that I feel like we are getting closer and closer to that stage being set where it’s Hey, I think we’re going home soon! 

JONI: I hope so! And Nick I am so glad that the Lord is using you to pave the way for his soon and coming return. Thank you for getting out there and making certain that every tongue and tribe hears about the good news of Jesus Christ. And friends listening, if you would like to hear Nick’s testimony I would like you to visit my radio page today and We have a link to a TV episode we produced on this remarkable man’s like and it’s all for you right there on my radio page at Nick thanks for coming in.

NICK: Love you so much.

JONI: Love you too.

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