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  • Nov. 1, 2006
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Joni sings "We've A Story To Tell The Nations" and shares about the upcoming Wheels for the World trip to Honduras.

We've a story to tell to the nations,
That shall turn their hearts to the right,
A story of truth and mercy,
A story of peace and light,
A story of peace and light.

For the darkness shall turn to dawning,
And the dawning to noonday bright;
And Christ's great kingdom shall come on earth,
The kingdom of love and light. 

Boy, am I humming this old hymn around the office because our team is packing up and getting ready to head out on Wheels for the World trip to Honduras today. And I am singing this marching song up and down the hallways, and, well, it's kind of a prayer. 

Because I tell you what friends, we have got a life-changing, soul-stirring story, don't we, to tell to the nations. It's a story for the nation of Albania where a woman is stuck in bed in a back room. It's a story for the Peruvian wife who must carry her stroke-stricken husband on her back... it's a story to tell to the bed-ridden in the rusty tin-roofed clinic down a side street in China.

It's a story to tell to the nation of Ghana where down-trodden nurses must drag patients around in blankets. It's a story to tell to the nation of Poland where a father slings on his shoulders his cerebral-palsied son. It's a story to stir the hearts of little boys in Africa who, because of polio, crawl on their hands through the mud... a story to brighten the hope of Romanian orphans who scoot themselves down dark hallways of institutions to visit the room of a friend. 

I love to tell the story! It's the old, old story of Jesus and his love. This is the story to tell to the nations. True, the darkness shall turn to the dawning as we give a restored wheelchair to the woman in Honduras who is lying in bed. But I'll tell you what, the dawning to noonday bright happens when we give her a Bible in her own language! What the wheelchair opens up... the Bible – and the Good News – finishes up! 

"Go into all the world," the Bible tells us. That makes each of us a missionary. Thank you this week for being a missionary of prayer. Will you pray today as you ask the Lord to reap a rich harvest for His kingdom in the nation of Honduras, over the next 14 days as we take wheelchairs and Bibles to the least, the littlest, the last, the oft-forgotten, and the lost! The lost, for whom we've got a story to share.


Music: We've A Story to Tell the Nations. Words & Music: H. Ernest Nichol, Public Domain

© Joni and Friends

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