His Eye Is On The Sparrow

  • Feb. 8, 2008
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We can know God cares greatly for us, since he even cares for something as insignificant as a sparrow.

Jesus said that house sparrows are barely worth a penny.  Yet of all the world's more than 9,000 species of birds, Jesus singled out the house sparrow to make a point.  In Matthew chapter 10 he said that if one of those sparrows falls to the ground, the Father notices.  God cares.  Our Lord tells us that not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of the Father.  And if God takes time to keep tabs on a house sparrow - who it is, where it's going, where it lives, whether or not its needs are being met - if God cares about this least-noticed and insignificant of birds, then surely He keeps tabs on you -- intimately and personally and with every detail in mind. 

That's something to remember during this cold, barren month.  Ken and I are careful to keep our goldfinch feeder filled with nyjer thistle seed.  I don't know where else these tiny little birds will find much else to eat.  I guess that's why February is National Bird Feeding Month.  And when I look out my bedroom window and see that Ken has thoughtfully put the feeder tightly packed with fresh nyjer thistle seed, I always smile to think that God cares even much more specifically for my needs.  I'm worth far more to my heavenly Father than that rag-tag little sparrow, yet God cares about the needs of us both. 

The Bible may point to eagles to underscore courage or power, and the Bible may talk about doves as symbols of peace and contentment, but the Bible reserves sparrows to teach a lesson about trust.  Just as the Lord tenderly cares for a tiny bird, even making note when it is harmed, or when it falls to the ground, He gently reminds you that He is worthy of your deepest confidence and your trust.

So, how do you approach God today?  Perhaps it's cold outside, the late winter winds are blowing, and you feel like a ragamuffin house sparrow clinging to an empty bird feeder with no one to care.  Stop and remember the facts behind Matthew chapter 10.  God does care.  He does notice.  The feeder does have nyjer thistle seed.  Trust the Lord Jesus today as would a sparrow.  No questions asked and no fears that He won't come through.  Just relax in the protection and provision of your great God and pray with me right now, would you...

"Heavenly Father, it is astounding to think that with so many things to care for, you have a heart for people the world considers small and insignificant.  Oh, Father, forgive me when I don't believe you, when I feel you don't notice or care about my needs.  Would you help me and my friend listening today to believe you, to trust you today for the small things and may my listening friend and I see every detail today of our lives as fresh, new opportunities to trust you.  Thank you but if your eye is on the sparrow, I know - I really know - that you're the God who watches my friend and me."

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