Heart for the Disabled #4 Bruce and Kathie

  • Jan. 12, 2012
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Joni shares how you can encourage a family affected by disability during Heart for the Disabled week.

Heart for the Disabled #4 Bruce and Kathie

Hi, this is Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to “Heart for the Disabled” week. 

All this week I’ve been mentioning the stories of families with special needs – moms and dads and disabled kids who really, really need the encouragement of Christ. And you have helped me give that encouragement as you’ve written notes, Valentine’s cards, and letters to the people I’ve mentioned each day. For those of you who haven’t yet written, I’ve got a couple who really needs a word from you.   

Their names are Bruce and Kathie. Some time ago they adopted Hannah, a 17-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. And, oh, did this little family of three receive a treat when someone gave them a scholarship to come to Family Retreat (In fact at the close of Family Retreat during sharing time, Hannah eagerly took the microphone and said 'I want to thank God for giving me a mommy and daddy'). Wow! But this past year was quite a challenge. Bruce and Kathie went through some rough patches last year when Kathie receiving a diagnosis of colon cancer. Hannah became very upset, and what a blow to Bruce, because at the same time he became unemployed. All this put a huge stress on this threesome, but oh, how they have embraced the grace of God, even as Kathie goes through chemotherapy treatments (it’s been a real rollercoaster of set-backs and adverse reactions to the drugs). Hannah struggles with fearful feelings about the future, but Bruce and Kathie keep moving forward despite Kathie's cancer treatments, the hardships of Hannah's cerebral palsy, and Bruce's employment issues. In fact, it was doubtful they could come to Family Retreat last summer, and it’s why Hannah was absolutely thrilled that mom was strong enough to allow the whole family to attend.

So, friend, here is a young family who I know would very, very much appreciate a bright perspective, an encouraging reminder from God's Word. Maybe you have struggled against cancer… or perhaps you recently lost your job… perhaps you are raising a child with serious disabilities. Whatever your situation, I know that God can use your words, your favorite scriptures, maybe the words to your favorite hymn or poem… or perhaps you’d like to jot a note to 17-year-old Hannah. I don’t need to tell you what to do; I’ll let the Holy Spirit tell you what to write. The important thing is, just write! And when you write, please remember to pray for Kathie as she continues to fight this serious cancer – I know they would appreciate hearing that many brothers and sisters in Christ are lifting them up before the Lord.

Do it right away – that note of yours -- and then mail it off to Bruce and Kathie (and again Kathie is spelled with an “ie” at the end). Mail it to Joni and Friends, P.O. Box 3333, Agoura Hills, California 91376. Again, just send your letter to Bruce and Kathie at Joni and Friends, P.O. Box 3333, Agoura Hills, California 91376. If you’ve missed any details, you can always go to my radio page at Joni and Friends and we’ll post there all the details for you to review. I tell you, it will encourage the heart of this young family! I can just picture Bruce and Kathie opening the mailbox on Valentine’s Day… it will really help them over their many hurdles as they read your cards. So write today to Bruce and Kathie in care of Joni and Friends. And bless you, thank you for having such a big heart for the disabled… a heart for little Hannah with here cerebral palsy and her mom and dad. God bless you as you serve the Lord by reaching out to this very special family with special needs.

And once again let me remind you of our website. Come by and visit us at any time. It’s Joni and Friends

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