HD #5 Janet, Jasmine, and Josiah

  • Jan. 15, 2016
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A mom with paraplegia struggling with her disability and raising two teenagers would be blessed by receiving encouraging notes, poems, or favorite scriptures.

HD #5 Janet, Jasmine, and Josiah

Welcome to the last and best day of our “Heart for the Disabled” week.

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and all this week I’ve been telling stories about families with special needs (big needs) so that you could write notes of encouragement and Valentine cards to them. And boy, are you responding, so many of you have already sent in your cards and letters. Thank you! But I’ve got one more family to tell you about. Janet is in her 30s, and is a single mother with two children, Jasmine and Josiah, both of them teenagers. Not long ago, Janet was severely injured in a car accident and it left her with a debilitating spinal cord injury. She is now a paraplegic and has to get around her house in a wheelchair. Janet is new to all this, and so is constantly struggling to find the adaptations she needs to just get through her day. And doing simple things like shopping, and running errands, and doing laundry, making meals, and house-cleaning; all of these things are so much more challenging when you have to do them from a wheelchair. Life for Janet is not easy.

But you know what really touches me? Her two teenagers, Jasmine and Josiah, help their mother with her primary care, even though they are both are in school full time. What’s more, these two have good attitudes through it all. Yes, it’s an awkward, difficult season for this little family, but despite her daily challenges, Janet exudes so much joy! She truly holds onto her hope and faith in Jesus Christ in the middle of some pretty big hardships. Janet has been especially helped by my books in which I talk about the sufficiency of God's grace and how He is sovereign over all our problems. I'm also happy to say that Janet has received a lot of support from our Joni and Friends team in Jackson, Mississippi.

But still, it is so hard. Janet needs support 24/7 as she copes with her disability and tries to raise her two teenagers. So would you please take a moment to jot a note or a card to Janet and her children, Jasmine and Josiah. Thank those two teenagers for taking good care of their mom, bless their hearts. And let them know you’ll be praying for them. Or you can direct your note to Janet herself and include a favorite scripture or, as I shared earlier this week, tuck in a copy of an inspirational poem or the words to a hymn that you love. Janet, Jasmine, and Josiah need an extra measure of God's grace and I know they will be blessed to hear that you are cheering them on. And if you want to be really creative, tuck in your envelope a small gift card to McDonalds or Starbucks or whatever. I know Ken and I will be doing something like that for this family, but the important thing is, your note and the references from God's Word that you include.

Make sure you get your card to Janet, Jasmine, and Josiah in on time, just mail your letter in care of Joni and Friends, P.O. Box 3333, Agoura Hills, California 91376. Now if you don’t have a pencil to write down the address or if you have missed any details about this family, you can always visit my radio page at joniandfriends.org where we posted a photo of Janet and her kids. Again, thank you for whatever you can say or do to bolster the spirits of this special-needs family. Thank you for caring! And don’t forget to write today so your letter can go into the big package we will be hand-delivering to Janet, Jasmine, and Josiah. Finally, I'm so grateful for your help this week – God bless you for truly having a heart for the disabled.

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