Had Enough?

  • March 4, 2015
  • #8568

We can find comfort from Elijah’s story: God Himself ministered to Elijah when he was fearful and exhausted.

Ever feel like you have spaghetti for a backbone?

I just bet you do, because I know I do! Maybe that’s because my quadriplegia feels like enough of a challenge at times without God pouring on extra trials. Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and tell you what, when I feel like I'm on overload, believe me, I can cave in emotionally. But during those times when I do feel like giving up, I always think of good old Elijah. Because there was even a point in this great prophet’s life – I mean the guy was great – even in his life there were times it, well, when problems piled on so high, he threw up his hands and in I Kings chapter 19 he simply said, “ ... I have had enough, Lord, take my life...”

Wow, you know! There’s something, I don’t know how to put it, but almost encouraging about a statement like that from Elijah. Because even a powerful prophet can discover he has noodles for knees. You probably remember the story: Queen Jezebel had heard through the grapevine that Elijah had wiped out hundreds of her prophets. So she went after his neck. And Elijah ran for his life. When he reached the desert, he was alone and he was exhausted. And he simply laid it all down and he gave up. That’s it! He didn't even have the courage to do himself in. Instead, he begged God to perform a mercy killing on him.

Does that ring a bell? Does Elijah have your number? Do you see yourself in this picture? Because I am amazed at how many Christians feel overwhelmed, they feel like they’ve had it with so many trials and disappointments. Whether you're terminally ill, on your last legs, or maybe like me a quadriplegic, or hunch-shouldered with a bad case of the Monday morning blues, all of us have said at one time or another, "That’s it! I've had enough." Every one of us has wanted to throw in the towel.
 Well, we can draw comfort that we are as vulnerable as Elijah. So, how did this mighty prophet surface out of his despair? Well, when you read about it in the Bible it’s interesting that God did not give counseling for clinical depression, no, instead He gave Himself. It says the angel of the Lord ministered to the prophet, handing him food and giving him sleep. God even offered a listening, empathetic ear. The record even shows that the Lord agreed that the "journey is too much for you." Then God presented Elijah with new work to do. Sometimes switching focus on to others is just what the doctor would order, right?
 And friend, as surely as the angel of the Lord gave Elijah some food and nourishment and caused him to lie down and rest, the Lord does the same thing in your life through the people He places around you. People are the hands and heart of God to you and, yes, you’d be surprised how a little bit of rest and refreshment, man, it can raise your spirits. And to help with the part about spiritual refreshment, I have something I want to offer you, if you’re feeling tired and weary. I want to send you a booklet I wrote called “Speaking God's Language.” It really underscores the role the Word of God can play not only in your prayers, but in your struggle to regain your faith and rekindle your hope. So, if you would like a copy, just click on joniandfriends.org and ask for it. Again, it’s called “Speaking God's Language” and I’d love to send it to you if you’ll simply go to joniandfriends.org.

 So, Lord God, I want to pray right now for my friend listening: show them how to turn to You for help when they are discouraged. Restore them and revive and refresh my friend's soul this day. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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