God Weeping

  • Nov. 6, 2006
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Joni shares how she weeps for her quadripelgic friends and shows times that Jesus weeped as well.

As of late, I have been specifically praying ... praying for twelve different quadriplegics that I know... their names are David, April, Gracie, Vicky, Jason, and all the rest, quads like me in wheelchairs, except some of these people are newly injured... and I'll tell you what, these friends right now, these quadriplegics, they are going through so much distress and pain. I know full well I could be the one in their shoes (or wheelchairs, so to speak). I could be the one suffering horribly right now. Instead, here I am sitting in front of you, I'm a relatively healthy paralyzed person... and this means that as I pray for these twelve individuals, I get choked up... I cry... I weep for them. 

And you know what? Figuratively speaking, I believe God has as much – no, He has far more empathy for them than I do. Psalm 68:19 says, "Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens." Jesus wept at the graveside of Lazarus. He wept when he prayed, pouring out tears in the garden of Gethsemane. Read through the Gospels, it is clear that emotion choked his throat and empathy filled his eyes as he looked out on so many suffering people, like a shepherd gathering bewildered, sick, and lost sheep. 

Our sufferings matter to the Almighty and he has wept in empathy time and again. What's more our God has promised in Psalm 56:8 that He will list – that means He will record all our tears in His book. Tears mean something to God, especially tears that fall in the travail of heartfelt prayer. 

But at the same time (and this is what's so encouraging)... at the same time, God rejoices over these dear friends who are paralyzed. His eternal plan for them is never-for-a-moment threatened, no, never in jeopardy of collapsing, and never on the edge of defeat. I'm convinced that one day – and, oh, I can't wait for that day – one day in heaven these twelve quadriplegics for whom I've been praying, for whom suffering seemed so confounding for them down on earth, these people – they'll be amazed and (can it be?) one day they'll be delighted over God's eternal plan revealed in their lives.

For them, God will personally flip right-side-up the tangled embroidery of their scarred lives to reveal the delicate and the beautiful pattern never observed on earth. And not just those paralyzed, but people who have been martyred or tortured – Christians in the genocide of south Sudan, or Armenia, and China – will stand and adore God for his plan in their suffering.

Best of all, once my twelve quadriplegic friends are standing up and delighting in their new glorified bodies, once they are finally able to wipe away their own tears, they won't have to!  God has promised that He'll personally wipe away their tears. The grand and glorious plan will be revealed and we shall finally, oh we're going to finally understand. And that's worth all the weeping we will ever endure down here on earth.


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