Gaining a Hopeful Spirit

  • Feb. 27, 2013
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When faced with a frightening medical report about her baby in-utero, Bekah chooses to put her hope in the Lord. 

Gaining a Hopeful Spirit

Hi, this is Joni Eareckson Tada with a hopeful, helpful word.

Actually, the word I'm thinking of is from a young mother. Her name is Bekah and she is the daughter of Rainey Floreen who heads up the "Joni and Friends" radio program here at the ministry. (Rainey, lean into the microphone and say “Hi”. Hello!) Well, Rainey’s daughter Bekah and her husband Brent have two-and-a-half year-old twin boys and a new baby on the way. Well, not long into her pregnancy, Bekah had an ultrasound which revealed two cysts in the baby’s brain, an enlarged kidney, and an enlarged ventricle in the heart. You can imagine the shock Bekah and her husband felt, and Rainey asked all of us in the radio department to be praying and we waited to hear “What next?” I was interested to hear what Bekah had written on her blog about this and what I read was most amazing, so I thought I’d share it with you. Bekah writes:

“It feels like time has slowed down as we wait for my next appointment with the specialist to see if my darling son is still showing the same developmental concerns they spotted on his ultrasound. I feel like the painful possibilities are always in the back of my mind, brought to the forefront of my thoughts with every flutter, wiggle, and kick of my sweet little boy. No matter how busy I get, I can never quite forget he’s there; growing, changing, living."

(I have to say here, how touched I was to hear Bekah speak of her unborn child as her darling son and her sweet little boy — isn’t that something?) Well, let me continue. Bekah wrote:

“A precious friend who suffered the loss of her son in the last weeks before her due date gave me this small bit of advice: She said, 'Bekah, try and enjoy every moment with this little boy growing in you.' That may seem strange, but I think my friend really understands something important here. In pregnancy, a mother looks forward to one thing: her child. We count down the days until we get to see him, hear him, and have him in our arms. But in pregnancy, we forget that we are blessed to have this baby right now. God has blessed Brent & me with this darling child today. And if we get to hold him for one day or for one-hundred days we can be sure that God’s gift to us is perfect and it is good.”
Then Bekah goes on to write, she says, “So we choose to cherish our beloved baby boy today. We choose to pour out our affections on our little unborn son for now. The length or quality of his life does not hamper our desire for him, nor our tenderness toward him. God has given us a very good gift of pregnancy, and if that’s all He ever gives us, we are thankful to Him. And if the Lord should lend us ten healthy years with this son, we will choose to be thankful. No parent has the guarantee that their child will constantly be healthy or will outlive them, but we all earnestly hope they do. Our desire for this beloved baby is for a long, fruitful life, but we do not cling to that as our hope. Psalm 39, verse 7 describes our hope: 'And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You.'" And then she signs her blog post, Bekah.

Oh, my goodness. This young woman is full of hope in the Lord — and through this pregnancy, she has gained an even stronger hopeful spirit. That’s why I'm sending Bekah my booklet “Gaining a Hopeful Spirit” and I want to give you a copy, too. Just go to my radio page at and ask for your free copy of my booklet on hope. I’ve also posted there a great photo of Bekah, Brent and their little family, too. And for an update, well come by our radio page at and we’ll give you the link to Bekah’s blog. We’re keeping tabs on the progress in Bekah’s pregnancy. The latest reports have been much more positive and, for that, we are thankful. And you know what? We are hopeful, too.

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