February 14th

  • Feb. 14, 2006
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Al: Tell us first, Joni, three things about Ken that make you grateful to the Lord for him this Valentine's Day.  

Joni: I think what I most appreciate about Ken is his love for Jesus Christ. You know, we do our nightly devotional time and pray together. We always pray in the car when we are going somewhere like dinner with a friend. He is always quick to pray. I like that about Ken - quick to pray. Secondly, he takes good care of me. This guy takes fantastic care of me. As a disabled person, I'm pretty blessed. Thirdly, he is an NCAA fan. Although he is into the Pac 10 and I like the ACC, this guy likes college football and so do I.  

Al: I'll bet he does. Well, of course, he's been involved in sports for a long time. Ken, let me just pick up on something Joni mentioned a moment ago about devotions. How do you handle devotions when you are on the road. Like when you're going to Africa?  

Ken: Well, we make a point, Al, of taking devotions with us. In this case, there were several of us traveling, so each of us made up our own devotions; and we shared them with each other, each taking a turn. My devotion for the trip to Africa was on commitment.  

Joni: He was great.  

Al: What about commitment? 

Ken: I think, you know, that often times we don't take it seriously enough. Commitment is a wonderful thing to say that we're going to commit, but to actually take it to the point where we are honoring God through it. I just think that we often time forget how important it is going to be.  

Joni: And sticking to them.  

Ken: And sticking to them.  

Al: And this being Valentine' Day, not only a commitment to God but also the reason so many marriages are falling apart is a lack of commitment.  

Ken: I believe that's so. Actually, I did not get a chance to say the things that I love about Joni. I want to just say that the one thing is - you know I don't know how couples do it without Christ in their marriage. Joni is every bit the person that you see that she has a love for Christ that is truly wonderful.  

Al: Let me tell you, Mr. Ken Tada, there is nobody in the world like your wife, Joni Eareckson Tada.  

Joni: Oh, come on. 

Al: We have to close but I would like to ask one other question, Joni. What would we like to know about you that we don't even know enough to ask? 

Joni: Well this Atlantic Coast Conference girl - the ACC girl here - college football has been the best cheerleader you could imagine for USC. Of the Poomtah. All the Maryland listeners are going to shoot me! I can't believe it.  

Al: Sounds about time for us to draw this to a close.  

Joni: And best of all, I'm just grateful to God for the grace that He has given Ken and me to trust Him through the thick and thin, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. Cause, Al, there are a lot of worse times with this quadriplegia that Ken has to deal with and me too. I'm just so grateful for grace, huh Ken? 

Ken: I'm grateful for grace as well.  

Al: I can't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's. 

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