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  • Dec. 5, 2018
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Costi shares what it was like to minister with his uncle, Benny Hinn, and why he separated himself from that ministry.

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a good word about healing.

Actually, I'm going to let Mr. Costi Hinn give that message. Costi is the nephew of Benny Hinn whom you often hear about – the one who claims that thousands have been miraculously healed under his global ministry. Well, Costi worked for Benny Hinn and his ministry for some time, so welcome, Costi. Thanks for coming on.

COSTI: It’s great to be here Joni. Thank you.

JONI: Absolutely. I know something about Benny Hinn’s ministry, but what was it like, and what did you see?

COSTI: Well, I saw a great deal of devastation as a result of what we were preaching and we would live a completely different lifestyle than our message and in also seeing tens of thousands of people who were promised false hope. We of course gave them false prophecies and then convinced people of false healings throughout the years. That was very difficult to watch.

JONI: So, you are telling me that (it’s hard to believe) Benny Hinn would knowingly give false prophecies and his life did not follow his words on the platform?

COSTI: Yes. I don’t mean to be funny, but that shouldn’t be news, but yes. Absolutely that’s true.

JONI: Is that what prompted you to leave your work with Benny Hinn?

COSTI: Somewhat. Actually, it all came crashing down for me when, (I am a pastor in Southern California,) and the short version is that some years after working for my uncle I held all the same beliefs that I had when I was working with him and growing up in the family. And one day I was preparing for a sermon preaching the healing at the pool of Bethesda out of John Chapter 5 and in my study (this literally happened in the office I am still sitting in today) God opened my eyes as I was studying the passage. These dominoes fell over one by one. The first was that Jesus healed one man out of a multitude and I always thought it was God’s will to heal everybody every time. And then Jesus healed the man immediately; there was no special offering, no music, and no atmosphere. He just healed them – no process at all. And then the man didn’t even know who Jesus was, let alone have enough faith to get healed. So suddenly I realized that Christ is a sovereign healer and He heals with a purpose, but His sovereign purposes and we had turned Jesus’ healing ministry into a kind of “get rich quick” scheme and suddenly I realized that the way Jesus truly heals is different than what we were teaching.

JONI: I gotta ask you: What would you say to people who are pleading with God to heal them of a disease or an injury? Do you believe that God still heals?

COSTI: Yes, I believe God still heals, but what I would say first is that someone’s spiritual healing is more important than a physical one. So I want people to be saved and submitted to Christ more than just physically relieved of their ailment. And also I would say that we need to pray that God is glorified whether we are healed or not. That is the greatest purpose for which we live and even the greatest purpose for which we die on this earth. And then I would also say to keep praying like Jesus did in the garden. You can pray for your healing or ask for relief, like He did, saying “If possible let this cup pass from me,” but remember how Jesus finished it saying, “Not my will but yours be done.” So we are praying for the will of God knowing that His grace is sufficient in our times of weakness. I would also add it is important to not overlook that God is both near the brokenhearted and He is sanctifying our hearts in times of suffering and we want to allow the Master Surgeon to do His greatest work which is in our hearts during tough times.  

JONI: You mention it so well when you called it a “deeper healing”. I love that phrase. Costi, I have to ask you: what is your relationship now with your uncle?

COSTI: It is fractured, unfortunately. I am praying for his conversion and I’m praying for him to come out from those false teachings. But right now he is not too pleased with me, but he is still breathing, so there is still time for the Lord to do work.

JONI: Well, Costi, I can’t thank you enough, Costi Hinn, for sharing your remarkable story and for underscoring that “deeper” kind of healing that Jesus would love to see in all of us. Friend listening, take a moment to visit today where I’ve posted a link to Costi’s website Costi, thanks so much for coming on our program today. Thank you for being courageously honest.

COSTI: Thank you Joni.

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