A Christmas Gift

  • Dec. 14, 2016
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This Christmas brings an opportunity to be kind to the poor by delivering wheelchairs to needy children.

A Christmas Gift

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada with a great idea for a wonderful Christmas gift.

What inspired this gift is a great verse from Proverbs chapter 14, verse 31. It simply says, “He who is kind to the needy, honors God.” There are scores of other similar verses: He who lends to the poor brings praise to God; do not forget the afflicted; defend and rescue those who are needy. It’s clear from the Word of God; the Lord has a soft heart for children and adults who are sick, poor, maimed or disabled.

My husband Ken saw this earlier this year when he served on a “Wheels for the World” team to Cuba. Cuba is a very poor country, and people with disabilities are the poorest among the poor. The Cuban government isn’t quick to provide wheelchairs, and what ones they do provide aren’t often suitable. It’s why for 15 years, Wheels for the World has been heartily welcomed into that nation. Our Wheels teams take the best of the best of wheelchairs to kids and adults with disabilities in that country. This past summer when Ken served in Cuba, he was so excited to fit scores of children to their new wheelchairs. He just took all the instructions from the various physical therapists who told him how much to shorten the foot pedals, or lengthen the chest harnesses, or adjust the foot rests. It’s a good thing he brought his tool kit, because it was a lot of wrenching bolts and tightening rivets on all the equipment. But oh, did it bring smiles of delight to every parent who watched as their disabled little boy or girl was fitted. When Ken returned home, he shared how happy and blessed he felt for having served these children, giving them Bibles and giving their family the Gospel, as well. But when he got home, he also said that it was hard – so very hard – to be there and have to turn people away. We just didn’t have enough wheelchairs.

But oh, friend, we are planning to go back to Cuba twice in 2017, and not just Cuba, but Peru, China, Thailand, Romania, Guatemala, El Salvador and lots of other countries. And we need your help to do it. It’s why I’d like you to give a special Christmas gift. I want you to join Ken and me in giving the gift of mobility to a disabled child this Christmas. We have a goal to deliver another 100,000 wheelchairs by the year 2020, and today on joniandfriends.org/radio, I’ve posted a really great video of Ken in Cuba explaining the need. Take a look for yourself and then share the video with your Facebook friends because Proverbs 14:31 says that he who honors God is kind to the needy. There’s no better time to be kind to needy disabled children that we know than at Christmas. So please, join Ken and me today in giving the gift of a wheelchair. And as you do, you’ll have the joy of knowing that you’re also giving a Bible with that wheelchair, as well as the chance for special-needs family to hear the Good News of Jesus. And that’s the best gift of all, right? Just go to joniandfriends.org/radio for all the details. Please be encouraged knowing that you are giving a precious wheelchair to a child with a disability in great need. I know Ken would thank you for your generosity, and so do I. And may God's favor and joy rest happily on you as you pray and give this Christmas. Thank you, friend; and don’t forget to look for that really cool video from Ken at joniandfriends.org/radio. God bless you for having – and showing others – the true spirit of Christmas. Let me hear from you today on my Facebook page or you can always post a comment on my blog at joniandfriends.org.

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