Borrowing Ken's Hands

  • May 12, 2010
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Joni and Ken sing "May I Borrow Your Hands" and tell how she and Ken share each other's burdens.

Hi, this is Joni and my husband, Ken, and I have a song for you...

God gave us hands, A gift of love to share
Hands that can hold and help and hug
Work perfectly as a pair!
Left and right, Together they can be
Wonderful tools, but mine can't be used
'Cuz they have forgotten how... for now.
May I borrow your hands?
Mine don't work so well. But yours'll do just fine
May I borrow your hands,
They can work for me, They can be mine...for a time
Helping one another, Like a sister and a brother
May I borrow your hands?
They can work for me, Together we'll do just fine!
You may borrow my hands
Yours don't work so well, But mine'll do just fine
You may borrow my hands
They can work for you, They can be yours... for a time.
Helping one another, Like a sister and a brother
I will borrow your hands
They can work for me, Together we'll do just fine
Yes you can borrow... Yes, you can borrow.  I'll let you borrow mine!

That is an old song my husband and I have been singing together for years, but the sentiment and the biblical insight is as fresh as ever, really it is.  Yes, we love to sing, my husband and I,... but also, we love to lean on each other when times get tough.  You know how it goes - you've had it happen:  When you're at your weakest, you sure hope your spouse or your friend is able to carry your burden and be strong for you; then when you're the one who's strong, then you are able to lift up that same friend or your spouse when they are feeling like throwing in the towel. 

Well, that's what this little song is about.  As a quadriplegic, my hands don't work - I can't open mail or fold towels, whip up an omelet or turn down the bed.  And that's when I have to borrow... not just the hands of my husband, but often the hands of the wonderful girls who get me up in the morning, or my next door neighbor (actually, neighbors, since the women who live in the homes on either side of ours both help me lay down at night).  And I know - I just know - that God's favor shines on my husband Ken and on the many people who let me borrow their hands.  I pray for them all the time, asking the Lord to rest His hand of favor and approval on these dear people who provide so much help to me in this wheelchair.

You know, this song you just heard... the one Ken and I sing, is just one of several we put on a CD that we've uploaded to our radio webpage.  And if you'd like to have a copy to share with someone who helps you, then just visit me today at and either ask for the CD (we'll mail it to you right away) or you can download the song directly to your IPod or computer.  Again, that's where you'll always find a helping hand, but you know what... you will always hear a lot of singing in the hallways of Joni and Friends as well.  See you later, friend... until next time on Joni and Friends.

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