Be Late for Something

  • May 13, 2010
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Joni shares how sometimes when our schedule changes and we are late, miracles can happen.

Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and welcome to "Joni and Friends"...

That's right!  Here at Joni and Friends you will always hear the most strange and unusual facts.  Like... did you know that there is an actual Procrastination Club of America?  Yep, my friend, procrastinators across this country have proclaimed a certain day each year as "Be Late for Something" Day.  But you know what?  If you're like me, you don't have to join that club; you're already a charter member.  For instance, I'm the sort of person who just doesn't like to tackle a big project until I tie up all the little loose ends from smaller projects - and that really puts me behind.  I simply can't compose that really important email... until I wipe out all the other little email messages next to it.  I can't tackle writing a chapter in a book until I've finished all the correspondence and my desk is clear-and that makes me late for the deadline.   You got the picture? 

But, honestly, the most interesting things can happen when you're late for something.  Sometimes actual miracles can happen.  Just consider how the Bible speaks to this - because, have you ever noticed how many wonderful things took place when Jesus was late for something; while He was on the way to somewhere and He got sidetracked?  There He was, walking down a path near Jericho, and a blind man grabbed His attention; before you know it, He got distracted.  Then there was the time He was on the way to see Lazarus, His critically ill friend, and He got into another delay -- not just for a couple of hours, but a couple of days.  Then there was Jairus.  He asked Jesus to please come heal his sick daughter right away, but when the Lord started out, He was interrupted by a woman with a hemorrhage.  He was late leaving Jericho, late getting to Lazarus' funeral and late to see the daughter of Jairus.

But, we all know what happened when Jesus was late to something when He got sidetracked, when He seemed to procrastinate because the blind man was healed, God's power was displayed by an open grave, and not only does the woman with a hemorrhage receive a healing, but so does the daughter of Jairus.  My goodness, Jesus wasn't tardy at all!  Because with that little bit of procrastinating:  Miracles were multiplied... greater numbers were reached... more lessons were learned... many more hearts were opened... and much, much more glory to God resulted... all because He was late for something. 

Now, I'm not necessarily encouraging you to be a procrastinator; I don't want you to cultivate a habit of tardiness; but you've got to know that sometimes God's best plans are hidden in that inconvenient phone call that interferes with your routine or when someone engages you in a conversation that makes you late for an appointment.  Sometimes God has you take that detour for a good and glorious reason, and often, the interruption that forces you to cancel or postpone or delay...??  Well, who knows, God's best plan could be hidden in it all.  And it could even result in a miracle.

So today, friend, try to stay on schedule, but if... if something happens that's just out of your control - bad traffic, a flat tire, an unexpected visit as you're going out the door - whatever; if it happens and you end up being late, just remember the Lord Jesus.  He took delays in stride and used them for everyone's benefit... He used them with an eye to the Father's glory.  All because:  amazing things can happen when you're late.  See what we've got going on today at and share a few comments with me while you are there.

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