Angry at God

  • April 30, 2010
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Joni shares that anger at God is almost always sinful, but anger handled properly is an opportunity to understand our own hearts.

Let me ask, be honest:  Do you ever get angry at God? 

Okay, if you are being really honest, you'll probably say yes.  Hi, I'm Joni Eareckson Tada and please count me in on that, because there are times when I do get angry at God.   You know how it is, things are going at a pretty good clip, life is breezing by at a rather nice pace and - wham! - all of a sudden you get hit broadside with some huge disappointment or unexpected suffering -- perhaps an bad medical report.  Maybe you had things all nicely planned and your husband doesn't come through for maybe a vacation or dinner plans... or maybe someone you relied on doesn't show up.  With me, it could be a terrible head cold that knocks me flat - when that happens I occasionally feel anger welling up; I reason that a bad cold on top of quadriplegia is just too much to handle... like God's just piling on too much; come on Lord, you're not being fair here.  And... I get angry.

Or take the other day.  I came into work all excited about diving right into some projects on my desk that I had been thinking about on my way to work and everything was all nicely organized in my head.  I got into my office and my voice activation program on my computer went on the blink.  Oh, I couldn't believe it!  Suddenly everything slowed to a crawl and I felt the steam rising.  I felt anger building - a real monkey wrench had been thrown into my neat and tidy morning plans and I didn't like it one bit.  Now the odd thing was, I wasn't angry at anyone in particular... just at everyone in general which, to me, indicated that my real anger was directed at God.  Ultimately, I laid the whole voice activation headache at His feet.  It was one of those things that could be classed as His fault.  After all, he is sovereign at these kinds of details, right? 

Now, given the nature of sin, anger at God is one of the most logical human reactions, but it's a deadly wickedness.  You don't often hear that these days, even from some Christian counselors.  Some people will tell you that it's okay to feel angry at God because He made us with angry emotions and after all... God does do disappointing things in our lives and He often doesn't meet our expectations - if He's supposed to be in control, then He could fix stuff, so vent your anger at Him because He can absorb it.  And after all that, you'll be able to forgive God for letting you down.  Really?  I don't think so, friend, not at all. 

Anger at God almost always is sinful - it's usually a muddle of malice and mistrust about who we think He is.  But anger at God, handled rightly, presents a wonderful opportunity to understand our own hearts.  First, when we suffer, God has not let us down - nowhere in the Bible do we find a shred of evidence that the Lord ever betrays us.  People may betray us.  The devil may torment us.  But God neither betrays nor torments.  But we get angry at Him when we think He's out to harm us.  Yet God's Word tells us that His plans are not to harm us, but to give us hope and a future.  If we truly believe that, anger at Him will dissolve. 

You know there's so much more to say, even that part about forgiving God... like, hello, what's that all about!  Well, my friend, David Powlison, expands on these thoughts and many more in His booklet called "Anger: Escaping the Maze."  I highly recommend it for your personal Bible study and you can get your free copy by visiting me today at  It will help turn your anger in a God-honoring direction. 

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