29th Anniversary Memories

  • July 4, 2011
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Joni interviews Ken as they celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary.

Joni: Hey, it’s always great when my husband, Ken, joins me at the microphone.

Ken: Hi, Joni!

Joni: Hey, Ken! And welcome to the studio and Ken. Happy wedding anniversary…

Ken: …to you. 29 years.

Joni: Yep! Yesterday was our wedding anniversary.

Ken: It was very exciting.

Joni: It was VERY exciting. God bless you. What a wonderful husband. You know friend listening this time last year we spent our wedding anniversary, let’s see... I had just gotten out of surgery from my mastectomy; you were taking care of my drains, changing the gauzes. We were sitting out in the backyard.

Ken: We were having some friends over that weekend and I tell you it was probably as rich and rewarding an anniversary as we have ever had.

Joni: Now why do you so that? I’m curious.

Ken: I mean, yes we were waiting for the test results to come back… the lab results from the operation. But you know being with friends who love Christ, being able to share in those conversations was special. Do you remember Joni in our backyard what happened? 

Joni: Well, that day we had Margaret and Al Sanders come up, old friends of ours connected with the Ambassador Agency who produce Joni and Friends, and Margaret had brought up her electronic keyboard, Jim (who we are looking at right now through the glass window -- Hi, Jim!) our producer fiddling with the buttons recording this radio program… and Peg Campbell. They were all there and Jim hooked up the electronic keyboard to an outlet in the backyard and we blasted the neighborhood.

Ken: You know, Joni, I have sat in that backyard in the evenings listening to other people having parties and all the noise kind of permeating through the neighborhood and you know what was exciting, to hear hymns being sung and to listen to Margaret playing the organ… A Mighty Fortress is Our God. Unbelievable!

Joni: She pulled out all the stops! Incredible!

Ken: I don’t think that neighborhood ever heard anything like that.

Joni: We rocked it!

Ken: It was so good.

Joni: Yep! We brought down the glory of heaven. Well, Ken this was a pretty special anniversary this time too... a time of reflection, a time of looking back on God’s goodness to both of us over this last year of marriage. This year this wedding anniversary marked quite a milestone for you and me. I think we grew closer in the last 12 months of our 29th year of marriage than all 28 years.  

Ken: Oh, I agree. I don’t think we had a bad marriage, I don’t think anybody would say that, but this just brought us closer together. I think in many ways, Joni, it actually brought us closer together than when we first got married because we were able to look at our marriage and as older people, with hopefully a little bit more wisdom, from a whole totally different perspective.

Joni: Absolutely! And Ken you don’t know this, but I have posted on the Joni and Friends blog today some photographs from our wedding.

Ken: Really?

Joni: Me in my wedding dress. Yep, you can see it there me and Dr. John McArthur who married us when he saw me sitting in this wheelchair in this beautiful big white wedding gown and I wheeled down the aisle remember what he said?

Ken: Well he didn’t say it at the time, but he told us afterward that it looked like you were one of those Rose Parade floats.

Joni: That’s right; I looked like a float in the Rose Parade.

Ken: But you looked beautiful no matter if you looked like a Rose Parade float or not! 

Joni: Thank you. I’m glad to hear you say that. Well, friends if you want to see what I looked like in my wedding dress my goodness we have a couple of wonderful photos posted of our wedding day and Ken, happy anniversary!

Ken:  Happy anniversary, Joni, and you know something? I love you more today than I did 29 years ago when I first married you.

Joni: Oh, I would say the same… I love you sweetheart.

Ken: I love you too.

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