Religious Frustration

  • Oct. 26, 2013
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My friend Carmen is a very religious person; she knows a lot of Scripture ...

Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada. My friend Carmen is a very religious person; she knows a lot of Scripture; has memorized a lot of prayers; and attends church whenever the doors are open. But her life at home? At work? Well, that’s where her religion stops. And that so saddens me. Because Carmen has what the Bible calls, a religious spirit. You know, posing, relying on performance, rituals, and copying the lives of notables in the church. The heartbreaking fact is, nothing kills the spiritual life quicker than religion. That’s why Jesus railed against religious leaders; for them, it was all show; it was all to impress. A religious spirit is self-focused – and that’s carnal. But a spiritual person is focused on Christ; he lives on the energy of the Holy Spirit and keeps connected to Jesus, the life-giving vine. So don’t get caught up in religion. Today and always, keep in step with the Spirit.

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