Mown Grass

  • Aug. 23, 2017
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Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada and I love the fragrance of newly cut grass. You know, the Bible uses this same metaphor about newly mown grass when it speaks of God coming to His people like rain gently falling on a pasture that’s been freshly cut. Psalm 72 says, “May God be like rain falling on a mown field.” There is so much in life that feels like a sickle, like a lawnmower cutting you to the quick. Your heart becomes tender and sore, needing the healing balm that comes from God. That healing balm could come in a word of Scripture that lifts your spirits; it could come through the prayers of a friend, or an embrace from a loved one. God says He will come to His people “Like rain falling on a mown field.” Friend, today if you feel as though you’ve been cut to the quick, remember God will come to you as gentle rain. And that’s the touch that will really causes you to grow like grass.


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