Mdm. Guyon

  • Sept. 9, 2012
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Hi, I'm Joni with a poem for you today. It was written by Mdm. Guyon , a French noblewoman in the 1700s, who was thrown into prison on trumped up charges by jealous church officials. In that dungeon, where she languished for 10 years, Mdm. Guyon, "a little bird am I caught from the field of air, and in my cage I sit and sing to the one who placed me there: well pleased a prisoner to be, because my God, it pleases thee. Naught have a else to do, I sing the whole day long. But he whom I most love to please, he listens to my song! He caught and bound my wandering wing, but still he bends to hear me sing. And it is so good to soar these bolts and bars above to Him whose purpose I adore, and whose providence I love. And in his perfect will to find, the joy and freedom of the mind." This poem certainly speaks to me in my wheelchair, and I hope it touches your heart, as well. 

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