Famous Quotations

  • Oct. 19, 2014
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Hi, I’m Joni Eareckson Tada. Great Christians of the past have a lot to say about suffering. I’m thinking of Martin Luther who wrote that, “Affliction is the best book in my library.” And then Alexander Solzhenitsyn who was imprisoned in a Soviet labor camp wrote, “I nourished my soul there, and I say without hesitation: Bless you, prison, for having been in my life.” These two great men of the faith are basically echoing something we all should know from Psalm 119 where the Psalmist says, “It is good that I have been afflicted, for it has caused me to learn of thy statutes, O Lord.” Now, true, there is no inherent good to be found in affliction, but we can trust that God will always use it for good purposes in our lives. We may not always see those purposes on this side of eternity, but right there is all the more reason to trust the Lord. Something important to remember today if you’re hurting. 

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