Cling to Joy

  • May 17, 2015
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Hi, this is Joni Eareckson Tada and sometimes I am faulted for being joyful in this wheelchair. It's like, come on, Joni, be real. Well, the joy is real. I make no apologies for the smile in my voice. Look at the story of Paul and Silas. They were handcuffed to a scourging pole and whipped, they were placed in chains then thrown in a wet stinky dungeon. Who would have blamed them for being down-in-the-mouth? Yet, at midnight they’re singing praises to God. To complain would have invited defeat, but they hung on to joy. I want to do the same. And I want you to join me -- no matter what your circumstances... victory is possible whether in a wheelchair or in jail; when you cling to joy, you win the battle with words of praise. When your joy is in the Lord, it's as real as you can get. 

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