Serve neighbors with disabilities.

Serve a neighbor with a disabilityQ: We have a neighbor who is disabled and we want to help him out. What can we do for him?

A: First and foremost, see your neighbor as a whole person. Offer your friendship and get to know one another. As the opportunity arises, speak to him directly to see how you might be able to serve him. Invite him to your church. Consider talking with your pastor about how to make your church building accessible if needed, and to equip your congregation to reach out to people with disabilities. (See Related Links). As you get to know your neighbor, contact the Joni and Friends Area Ministry nearest you for local support. Not only will you be able to get resources and advice as a friend of someone with a disability, but your neighbor may also find great local support and be able to meet other Christians who are affected by disability. Also, consider reading Barrier-Free Friendships. If you have kids, take them on a Friendship Adventure on our website! There they will learn how to be a better friend to people with disabilities. Depending on your neighbor’s disability, you may also find helpful advice and support from Friendship Ministries.