We've Got This!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • April 2, 2016
  • In the Media

We've Got This - Providing Respite for Families Affected by DisabilityFollowing last month’s release of Start With Hello, the second book in the Irresistible Church series is now available in online bookstores. “We’ve Got This!” explores the area of respite – a time of rest and refreshment desperately needed by family members of a loved one with special needs. “Whenever a family first faces disability, a dream has been altered. The loss of that dream or expectation leads to grief—grief that is every bit as real and challenging as the physical death of a loved one. As parents are grieving, they are simultaneously thrown into a world of intense discovery, uncertainty, added expense, long hours, and emotional exhaustion. Many find that it is no longer easy to be included in social and recreational activities and become increasingly isolated. Marriages grow fragile under the strain of new financial obligations, exhaustion, and the lack of time or energy to work on the marriage relationship. But when a church can step into this situation and give these parents a few hours ‘off,’ it is like offering a refreshing glass of cool, clear water to a hot, thirsty traveler in a dry and dusty land,” says author Debbie Lillo. In helping to meet the need of respite, a church is also provided a unique opportunity to forge relationships with those affected by disability in the community. This church outreach activity draws otherwise cautious families over the threshold and into the church because it meets a valuable and practical need.

Download your copy of “We’ve Got This!” today for step-by-step planning of a respite event!


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