Serving Changes Lives, Including Yours!

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Aug. 7, 2012
  • Wheels For The World

Greg helps adjust Che's wheelchair

Recently, Joni and Friends International Board Chairman Greg Wood packed his toolkit and served as a volunteer with Wheels for the World in China. Here, he shares his experience with you…

For many years, my wife Candy and I have longed to join a Wheels for the World team. While serving on the Joni and Friends International Board is immensely rewarding, we longed to wrap our arms around the ministry by going – and touching lives. So we joined the outreach to China. One day at the wheelchair distribution, I was asked to make a heel strap to support the left foot of 78-year-old Che, who recently had a stroke. I removed the footrest and went to work drilling holes, attaching bolts, and riveting. As I returned to Che with my “masterpiece” I saw another member of our 3-person team gently holding Che’s hands in her own. Tears flowed as she prayed for Che and her family with an intensity I have rarely seen. Only after the moment waned did I feel the time was right to reattach the footrest. As I did so, I looked into Che’s face and saw a smile of joy and gratefulness. Love had been shown, a Bible was given, and the gospel shared. Che and her family had been blessed. I have read and rejoiced over many such reports shared in the boardroom of Joni and Friends… but the joy of participating in ministry to this dear family is forever etched in my heart. There is nothing like experiencing the daily miracles of a Wheels for the World outreach. Please consider this my personal invitation to you. Join in disability ministry by going. I can promise you, lives will be changed … starting with your own.


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