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  • Feb. 6, 2012
  • Radio

In this video, Ken Tada shares how his prayer life deepened during Joni’s cancer journey.


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Ah, I love your love for our Lord Jesus. And I love your love for each other. You are both an example of the love that our dear Saviour has for each of us. Thank you Jesus for this dear couple who are writing your love letters to the world. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! Your sister- in- Jesus, Sharon
  • Aug. 28, 2012
  • 8:12 a.m.
  • Sharon Herrington
thank you mr. tada for your talk on prayer. iv'e also had a dx.of ovarian ca. it was so encouraging to hear your truthful insight.
  • March 13, 2012
  • 1:27 p.m.
  • geraldine harlow
Thank you Ken for sharing your heart for Joni and for Jesus. Your faithfulness and love to advancing the Gospel in so many ways is a such a testimony. God bless you both on this journey.
  • Feb. 19, 2012
  • 9:21 a.m.
  • Leah
Thank you, Ken, for sharing your heart in this video. Your commitment to Christ in loving your wife brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me to love my wife this way. Your trials have brought great purpose to those who watch this!
  • Feb. 17, 2012
  • 1:20 p.m.
  • Aaron
Thank You, Ken, for sharing your heart. I love what you said, "I love Joni, anchored in Christ Jesus". I'm so thankful, for all the resources that I've read from favorite is "Pearls of Great Price." My mom lost her battle with cancer three years ago. I know how truly faithful God is when we go through these trials. I love you both, Joni & Ken and I love the opprotunity to is a privilege! His sheep, Joyce
  • Feb. 16, 2012
  • 6:03 p.m.
  • Joyce
Thank you, Ken Tada, for your candid, vulnerable testimony of your love for Joni, your love for the Lord and the awesome gift and power of prayer! I rejoice with you in the deepening of your heart for Jesus. May He continue to draw both of you "Nearer, still nearer, close to (His) heart." Think of you often and pray for you much! Hug each other for me!!!
  • Feb. 15, 2012
  • 7:39 a.m.
  • Julie
God bless u
  • Feb. 11, 2012
  • 3:56 a.m.
  • ike
Thank you, Ken, for confirming the words of one of my favorite songs: "In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song; this cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm." My prayers continue for you and Joni.
  • Feb. 10, 2012
  • 6:01 p.m.
  • Rachel
Hi Ken and Joni, I watched your video last night and smiled through the tears. You both are such an inspiration! I began following you when I was in high school. I later became a nurse and have held my Certification as a CRRN (Rehabilitation Registered Nurse) for 14 years. Your story helped me to better take care of my patients with spinal cord injury as well as all others. I have had my own health challenges and was healed of Adult Onset Juvenile Arthritis in May 2003! I just want you to know that you and Ken are in my prayers that you will be healed so that you may continue to bless us with your inspiration and faith in God.
  • Feb. 8, 2012
  • 7:18 p.m.
  • Noelle
thank you Ken and Joni,for the beauty of your words, the beauty of your faith, the beauty of your blessed hope, the beauty of your vulnarabilty of your humanity and the beautiful colours of God that shines through. I do not have physical disabilities but i have plenty of emotional ones, so thank you for the gentleness that expresses itself into my heart and gently encourages me to disentagle myself from my emotional disabilites. much love as is in my heart is winging its way to you both. thank you thank you helen xoxo
  • Feb. 8, 2012
  • 7:12 p.m.
  • helen
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