From Joni’s Heart: 2019 Planner

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • Aug. 9, 2018

If you spend any time serving with Joni and Friends, you will see firsthand the healing hope of Christ at work. Whether on a Wheels for the World outreach or at a Family Retreatpeople are interested in hope – understanding it, finding, and resting in it. We tell special needs families there’s only one place to find soul-settling hope, and that’s in the pages of God's Word. Jesus, the Blessed Hope is the only One who can transform us into people who are confident and at peace with ourselves, our God, and our circumstances.  

It’s why I chose Hope as the theme for my new 2019 Planner. I have filled each month with devotionals, quotes, and Scriptures that point you to solid, biblical hope. For more than 50 years, I have lived as a quadriplegic, and believe me, I would never have made it this far were it not for the heaven-sent hope found only in Christ. In next year’s Planner, I also invite you to read through the Bible in 2019 with me and Ken – I even give you your chronological reading schedule! The Planner is a wonderful way to stay focused on hope in Christ throughout the year.  

Use your Joni Planner as a family journal to keep track of appointments, prayer commitments, chronicle vacations, and holiday memories. Consider purchasing a Planner or two for your friends. Remember, all proceeds go directly toward supporting our Christ-centered programs at Joni and Friends. God bless you for sharing His hope… especially with the thousands of special needs families, you are reaching every day through your prayers and gifts! 

Joni’s 2019 Planner  


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