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  • July 28, 2014

Joni and Friends 35th Anniversary Blog ContestBloggers, here’s your chance to win fun prizes and share your support of Joni and Friends! This month we’re hosting our 35th Anniversary Blog Contest to celebrate the past 35 years of ministry to people affected by disability. You’re invited to join the celebration by sharing how Joni and Friends has impacted you! To enter this special blog contest, all you need to do is follow these simple steps…



  • Write a blog post sharing how Joni and Friends has impacted you as a participant, volunteer, donor, radio listener, or however you’ve been involved with the ministry! Be sure to link to the Joni and Friends website ( in your post! 

  • Share your post on YOUR personal blog between August 1 and August 31, 2014
  • Submit your entry by leaving the URL address of your blog post in a comment below
  • Share your blog post on your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with the hashtag #JAF35Years. You can even tag us, @JoniandFriends!

Three winners will be chosen to receive prizes such as Joni's new book Beside Bethesda (which will be released later this year), Joni's 2015 Daily Planner, an Amazon gift card, and more. Plus winners will be featured on the Joni and Friends blog, social media feeds, and in our October Newsletter! Submit your entry below! 

Read some of the inspiring entries on our "Blog Contest" Pinterest Board!

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For year I’d yearned to go to Joni and Friends Camp. I’d see it advertised on the website and feel a tug on my heart. The problem was, five years ago, the closest one was in Northern California. Then I discovered that there was one to be held in Rockaway, Oregon at Twin Rocks Friends Camp and this new location was only an hour and a half from my house! It might as well have been 5,000 miles, because I couldn’t drive and I had a great, big scooter, which is difficult to transport. But this time, I was determined not to let that stop me! Two friends of mine, one of which was also in a scooter, and I decided to take the bus from Downtown to Tillamook, then transferred to another bus that would take us right to camp. When we arrived I was overcome by the joy and excitement that greeted us! Getting to camp that first year was a challenge, but I’m sure glad I took it! A whole new world opened up for me when I decided to get on that bus. Don’t let life’s challenges stop you, but instead let them lead you to new opportunities.
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 9:41 p.m.
  • Lyla Swafford
JAF has been transformational for me!!!! For a couple decades I was a part of a well run camp ministry. I have found the same caliber of training, materials and people at JAF. True servants! I love that the phone is answered in that way, "How may I serve you?" That truly is the heart of JAF because of their heart seeking the Father's heart!
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 9:30 p.m.
  • Ramona Routley
Read my blog how JAF has impacted my life!
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 9:18 p.m.
  • Jen Bury
Here is a link to my blog post about celebrating 35 years of Joni and friends and what the ministry means to me. Happy 35 years Joni and Friends!
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 4:47 p.m.
  • Stephanie Emory
I am in such awe of the greatness of our God. He is faithful to do abundantly, overflowing, more than we can ask or even imagine! his year Joni Eareckson Tada attended the MN camp along with her husband, Ken Tada. I was so excited to be able to meet Joni!
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 2:36 p.m.
  • Marie
This past week I saw God work in such amazing ways!! I just returned home from my 3rd year of serving at the Joni and Friends Family Retreat in MN. God opened up so many doors and so many opportunities for service.
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 2:35 p.m.
  • Marie
I've been so blessed by your ministry!
  • Aug. 31, 2014
  • 11:08 a.m.
  • Jen Taggart
So many memories, so many friends met, so many opportunities to see Love in action. So thankful for a chance to reflect on how God has used Joni and Friends to make His love more vivid and real in my life. Blessings on each one who continues to serve in this ministry!!
  • Aug. 30, 2014
  • 9:35 p.m.
  • Amy Jo Smith
Joni & Friends has been transforming through their materials, education, and the incredible people I've met!!!!!!
  • Aug. 30, 2014
  • 9:20 p.m.
  • Mona Routley
Diagnosed with Friedreich’s Ataxia at an early age, overcoming the obstacles that I faced daily with a degenerative disease caused by a gene defect was almost impossible even though I tried desperately to cling to the Christian faith I had been immersed in since birth. It was a struggle to find answers from the one and only true God who I came to love and promised to serve. Joni has become an incredible source of inspiration for me. Here is my blog post.
  • Aug. 30, 2014
  • 3:31 p.m.
  • Priscilla Weatherford
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