Best When Broken: A look into the life of Scott Coleman

  • By: Joni and Friends
  • June 24, 2013
  • Radio, Video Archives

At a teenager, Scott Coleman was on the go—participating in all kinds of sports and activities. But when at the age of 17 he fractured his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic, Scott’s life was changed forever … it was changed for the best. From success in business to a beautiful family and time spent in the woods, Scott praises God for the work that He has done in his life....


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Hey very interesting blog!
  • April 15, 2014
  • 10:14 p.m.
  • Jacqueline
i dont have a disability, but losing my daughter to cancer last xmas eve did tear my world apart.ripped my heart from my chest. i would have never made it thru the next few months without the lord. in fact the months before an depend on him daily to this day.she was 33 and is with jesus now. its not her i morn 4 because she is happier than ever. i just miss her an she left a 13 year old son behind that got saved when she was sick. i pray he knows god is with him always!
  • Aug. 3, 2013
  • 11:02 p.m.
  • rhonda gabbard
Thank you for that testimony. We all are broken people in one way or another. I have dealt with chronic chemically-induced depression ever since childhood, and I have to daily cry out to God to help me get up another day and face this dark cloud that follows me around. He is my only hope, and as long as I go to Him, He carries me. When I stubbornly resist Him, being overwhelmed by it, my depression is worse. Without Him, I would cave in.
  • June 27, 2013
  • 9:24 p.m.
  • Winifred
Dear Scott , Thank you for sharing your Story & writing a Book, with a Title Best When Broken. I am so thankful God saved you & made you into the Man you are and you are telling your & your families story through the Love & Grace of God . For many of us are broken in many different ways . But if we choose to let God Be in control & Be our Guide it helps us deal with our Brokenness & how we can use it or learn to use it to Glorify God . I am sorry that Accident did happen to you ! Like I said I'm glad I God saved your life and made you the man you are today. Thank you for being a big inspiration ! I got Continue to Bless you & your family !!! And may God Bless the sales of your book & Bless all that Read it !!! <3 Laurie
  • June 26, 2013
  • 5:03 p.m.
  • Laurie
Scott and Linda are a remarkable couple. They inspire me to meet the SMALL challenges in my life.
  • June 25, 2013
  • 3:31 p.m.
  • Nina Millard
Dear Joni, I consider my schizophrenia as grace of God because it is God's way of preserving my life for His Kingdom. In this way I am bearing more fruit and when I am weak He can preserve me from the temptations of this world and bring me safely to heaven with Jesus.
  • June 24, 2013
  • 3:20 a.m.
  • San